The LEGO Batman Movie is more than just a spinoff of The LEGO Movie and a way to give the block version of the Dark Knight his own animated movie. It's also a tribute to Batman's decades-long history in the comics and other media. From the hero's iconic 1960s theme music to obscure villains he's tangled with, there were a lot of Easter Eggs and callbacks snuck into the narrative. The movie is enjoyable enough for people who aren't too familiar with Batman outside of the basics, but for the hardcore fans, there were a lot of subtle things to pick up on.

Now that many of you have seen The LEGO Batman Movie, we've gathered the 10 cleverest Batman references that were sneaked in. Also, if you noticed one that didn't make the cut, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments section. Let's start off with one of the less-appreciated items from Batman's collection of tools, inventions and gadgets.

Warning: there will be SPOILERS for The LEGO Batman Movie ahead!

Bat-Shark Repellant

There are a number of Batman '66 references sprinkled throughout The LEGO Batman Movie, and we'll discuss some more of them later in the list, but arguably the most notable recurring one is the Bat Shark-Repellant, that infamous spray used against a toothy adversary in the 1966 Batman movie. The repellant is seen in The LEGO Batman Movie as part of the Caped Crusader's arsenal, but he didn't have any problem with Dick Grayson touching it, as he deemed it "useless." How wrong he was, as later during the movie's climactic conflict, Dick, now Robin, successfully used it against Jaws. See, having the repellant came in handy after all!

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