What Cyborg Fears Most In Justice League

Cyborg looking out broken window in Justice League

For decades, Cyborg was primarily famous for being a Teen Titan, but starting with the New 52 reboot in 2011, he's now known as one of the Justice League's founders. The Justice League movie will keep Ray Fisher's iteration of the hero as one of the team's main members. But despite having amazing, cybernetic abilities, Cyborg isn't invincible, and one thing will be particularly frightening for him in Justice League is not being able to hide who he is from the public like his teammates can do. As Joe Morton, who plays Victor Stone's father, Silas Stone, explained:

Unlike the other members of the Justice League, Victor has no alias, he has no way of hiding behind another personality or some sort of mask in order to protect themselves. He is very much like Frankenstein [Frankenstein's Creature] again in that there's no disguising who he is. So that what I think ends up happening is that section of the movie and certainly that character, Cyborg, is a metaphor for being The Other.

Joe Morton has a point. The other Justice Leaguers have civilian identities to go back to, but Victor Stone has to be Cyborg 24/7, unable to hide his robotic body unless he lurks in the shadows and covers himself in heavy clothing (Raphael's trench-coat and hat disguise from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes to mind). And as Morton noted earlier in his interview with IGN, even though Victor's father has successfully reconstructed him doesn't mean that Victor himself looks at all this as "something that's correct." After elaborating on how "The Other" refers to someone who can contribute to society, but is often ostracized by the public, Morton continued:

So I think that's what Victor's fears are. He has to figure out how to overcome before he then eventually becomes benevolent and understands that the powers that he has can be used for great good.

Moviegoers were introduced to Ray Fisher's Victor Stone last year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice through video footage from Lex Luthor's metahuman files. Victor had lost most of his body in a catastrophic accident, and after repeatedly failing to revive his son, Silas was able to reconstruct his body by activating a Mother Box, one of the three Apokoliptan supercomputers left behind on Earth. Now Victor is back on his feet, and when the events of Justice League unfold, he'll help Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman fight Steppenwolf and his Parademon army, who've come to collect the Mother Boxes and lay waste to Earth. But even after that story has concluded, Cyborg will still have to struggle with the general population looking at him with suspicion because his mechanical appearance, as well as come to terms that he'll never be able to lead a "normal" life again.

Cyborg will make his full DCEU debut when Justice League is released on November 17.

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