Why Superman Behaves The Way That He Does In That Pivotal Justice League Scene

Henry Cavill as Superman

The following contains spoilers forJustice League. Come back after you've seen the new movie.

Trailers revealed that Henry Cavill would, in fact, be reprising his role as Superman in Justice League, however, they didn't really show exactly how the character would fit into the overall story. While the last son of Krypton is successfully resurrected in the middle of the movie, it doesn't happen without some complications. Superman goes a little off the rails when first coming back to life. Recently Henry Cavill spoke a little bit about why he thinks that happened. The actor says that Superman is feeling, obviously, confused by his return, but beyond that, there's a significant amount of guilt. According to Cavill...

I think it's very confusing for him in that scenario, as it would be for any of us. He's trying to work out what the hell happened. I'm sure there's a sense of failure there, akin to that sense of 'I wish I hadn't died so I could still be here and the world wouldn't be in the state it's in now and I could have protected my mother and Lois from the pain they've been experiencing.' There's that sense of guilt, but it comes with unconditional love. It's not rational. One of the great things about us is that we still care even though we may not have a reason to feel guilty.

In Justice League, the team of heroes decides to use the Mother Box that helped save Cyborg as a power source to essentially jump-start Superman. The idea works, but, unsurprisingly, Superman is not quite himself at first. He doesn't recognize most of the people he's seeing, and the one he does, Batman, he didn't have the greatest relationship with before he died. Superman's powers go a little out of control, he hasn't used them in awhile after all, and it took him time to learn to control them originally. It doesn't help that Cyborg, who has been unable to control some of his abilities, does slightly haywire at that moment, leading to a violent confrontation between Superman and the rest of the Justice League. Even after tempers are quelled, Superman takes off, leaving the rest of the heroes behind, seemingly needing time to himself to come to terms with everything that's happened.

While confusion certainly makes sense under the circumstances, it's interesting that guilt apparently plays such a part in Superman's feelings. While Henry Cavill admits to the Los Angeles Times that Superman doesn't really have anything to feel guilty about, that doesn't stop him from feeling that way. He made the choice to sacrifice himself to protect others, yet he still seemingly feels like he should have been around to do more.

Eventually, Superman recovers and is back in action in time to save the world, which will hopefully help put his conscience at ease. Justice League is in theaters now.

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