The 60 Best Streaming Movies To Watch On Thanksgiving

Lilo and Stitch hula in the market

Thanksgiving is upon us, and alongside turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, you're going to need quality entertainment. And much like those other holiday essentials, it's readily available through a variety of sources, just waiting to be served to you and yours.

Through four major streaming platforms, there's a cornucopia of options that children, adults, and everyone in-between can enjoy, and we've compiled a list of the best 15 from each to kickstart your holiday feast, With our wishes for a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, take a look at what we think are the best films available for your holiday celebration, below.

Field of Dreams Ray Liotta Kevin Costner baseball talk in the field


Being the current streaming partner of Disney's latest content, Netflix will keep the kids excited for Thanksgiving with movies like Moana and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Meanwhile, adults can get some entertainment out of Netflix originals like Mudbound and Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. But if there's ever a cross-section between the two groups of movie seekers, it's certainly located with films like Men in Black, Field of Dreams, and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

The Hateful EightMen In BlackMudboundJim & Andy: The Great BeyondTrading PlacesCaptain America: Civil WarRogue One: A Star Wars StoryMoanaZootopiaDead Poets SocietyTo Kill A MockingbirdE.T.: The Extra TerrestrialField of DreamsFantasia

Lilo and Stitch hula in the market


There's always a war at Thanksgiving as to which holiday should be celebrated in conjunction with the day of feast: Halloween or Christmas? Wait... is that only in our office? In any case, Hulu has movies like Fright Night and Bad Santa that will help make the choice all the easier. Or, if you want to stick to neutral ground, blockbusters like Contact, Star Trek: First Contact, and Scream are all available for your perusal as well. Last, but not least, From Russia With Love, as well as the rest of the James Bond catalog, are available for families who like to enjoy the long held tradition of the Thanksgiving Bond-a-thon.

The Monster SquadFright NightWinter's BoneScreamBad SantaOpen RangeFargoAkiraStar Trek: First ContactFrom Russia With LoveContactLilo & StitchThe Emperor's New Groove

Chef John Leguizamo Jon Favreau bonding in the food truck


A good laugh is always in good taste on Thanksgiving, and Amazon happens to have that covered in spades, as Chef, What We Do In The Shadows, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are in the queue for anyone who wants to have a good chuckle. Though if you want more dramatic fare, Arrival, Big Fish, and Creed are there to make you cry, while lifting your spirits. But let's get down to the real gems here, because if you're not showing your family Shaun The Sheep: The Movie and/or Speed Racer, then you're clearly not doing Thanksgiving the way the Pilgrims would have wanted.

ArrivalStar Trek BeyondSpectreThe HolidayCreedIndiana Jones SeriesChefFrom Russia With LoveShaun The Sheep: The MovieThe WitchesSpeed RacerKiss Kiss Bang BangWhat We Do In The ShadowsIron ManBig Fish

Dutch Ethan Embry Ed O'Neill post fight bonding


Before we go any further, we have a rarity on this list: an actual Thanksgiving themed movie! Dutch is one of the few films that actually celebrates today's big feast, and you can watch it through HBO Go's extensive catalog of favorites. That aside, there's plenty of other fantastic fare like Catch Me If You Can and Get Smart that aim to entertain in only the most exciting of ways. Also, if action's your thing, a nice double feature of The Accountant and John Wick: Chapter 2 will get your pulse racing, with Get Out putting a horror / thriller cherry on top of the sundae. Though don't overlook The LEGO Batman Movie, as that's fun for kids and adults alike.

Get OutThe Lego Batman MovieJohn Wick Chapter 2The AccountantDr. DoolittleThe Great Muppet CaperThe SandlotHidden FiguresLa La LandBeanCatch Me If You CanDriving Miss DaisyDutchGet SmartParenthood

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