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Justice League finally hit theaters about a week ago, greatly expanding the DC Extended Universe in the process. The blockbuster united the DC trinity from Batman v Superman with a new trio of heroes, and introduced a ton of new settings and characters. While critically mixed, DC fans can't deny that the film delivered some seriously big superhero moments. Ben Affleck's Batman got to show a lighter side, while also rocking his various badass vehicles like the The Crawler and the Batmobile. But it turns out that another Bat vehicle was tossed around: a motorcycle. Check out the concept art for the Batcycle below.

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Now my FOMO is through the roof. Because while we got to watch Batfleck kick plenty of ass and pilot his other vehicles, a motorcycle would have been the icing on the cake.

This concept art comes to us from Patrick Tatopoulo, who works as a concept artist for the DC Extended Universe. Apparently he wanted a Batcycle to happen real bad, but unfortunately it never made it into Justice League. But fret not, because Batman still got to be the total badass and fan favorite that he's always been.

Giving Batman all those wonderful toys was not only fan service and Zack Snyder having a nerdgasm, but also helped to explain how the character could possibly keep up with the rest of the league. With the fate of the Earth at risk with Steppenwolf's invasion and his army of parademons, it took every member of the Justice League (including Henry Cavill's Superman) in order to save the day. Batman was shown struggling to battle even one of the humanoid insects, so he was certainly at risk during the big battles. This is why Batman generally fought from within one of those contraptions whenever possible.

In addition to spending much of Justice League's final battle from within the Batmobile, Batfelck also got a new vehicle: the Crawler. This walking tank showed up when the motley group of heroes attempted to track the parademons under Gotham Harbor. Batman used it to shoot down the villainous forces, and attempted to save Wonder Woman and Flash from drowning under the city. And with the help of Aquaman's hydrokinetic powers, the group survived their skirmish in order to move on to the next battle with Steppenwolf's forces.

Batman has been scene with a motorcycle on the silver screen before. The Batcycle showed up in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, and was used by both Batman and Anne Hathaway's Catwoman. The motorcycle's wheels could tumble, allowing Batman to make crazy sharp turns and u-turns on the spot. It would be awesome to see how Justice League's version would function, although smart money says at Batcycle will show up in the DCEU before long.

Justice League is in theaters now, sans Batcycle. Be sure to check our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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