Which Batman Comics Joe Manganiello Would Like To See Made In Live-Action

Batman Earth One

If you stayed through the credits of Zack Snyder's Justice League, then you likely already know that some great things are coming. Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke has officially entered the DCEU, and the actor seems pumped to get in on the action. There have been rumors of him going toe-to-toe with Batman for quite some time, and while nothing is confirmed, the Magic Mike star apparently want to see an adaptation of Batman: Earth One in the DCEU at some point. When asked about the situation, Manganiello explained:

If something were to come my way, in that way, I would happily accept it. [...] I was a fan of DC comics and I'm a big fan of Geoff Johns' Batman: Earth One, which was a really great series. For anyone who's a comics fan who hasn't read it, I highly recommend it.

So while nothing is set in stone, it seems that Joe Manganiello has done his homework on the Batman lore. Per his comments during his recent interview with Mic, he wants to see Batman: Earth One adapted to the big screen, and he recommends that anyone who hasn't read the series do so immediately. A reimagining of the Batman origin, Earth One presents audiences with slightly off-kilter versions of classic Batman characters -- such as The Penguin as the Mayor of Gotham City and Harvey Bullock as a hotshot LAPD detective who transfers to Gotham.

As great as Batman: Earth One is as a Batman story, there would need to be some serious changes made to make it worth within the confines of the DCEU. For starters, the Batman portrayed in Geoff Johns' tale is considerably more grounded and realistic than the current silver screen Batman. It's more of a detective story than a superhero story, and Bruce takes a realistically serious beating over the course of the narrative.

Then there's also the fact that Batman: Earth One is more of an origin story in the vein of Batman: Year One. As many of you already know, Ben Affleck's Batman is distinct from other live-action Batmen, because his advanced age has become a specific theme for the films. Adapting Batman: Earth One faithfully would probably require bringing in a younger actor, which is something that HAS been talked about recently.

Of course, that's not inherently standing in the way of such an adaptation. The DCEU has shown no qualms about making substantial changes to stories while honoring source material -- look no further than the use of The Dark Knight Returns in Batman v Superman for proof. Adapting Batman: Earth One would involve making some notable alterations to the arc that fans know and love, but it could also result in one of the more interesting Batman stories ever told on the silver screen.

Whether or not Batman: Earth One will ever receive an adaptation remains to be seen, but the introduction of Deathstroke opens up an entirely new realm of DC stories to mine. For now, make sure to check out Justice League, which is currently in theaters.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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