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Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Infinity War

Unless you live in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, you likely already know the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War finally dropped yesterday. The first official look at the next Marvel Cinematic Universe ensemble film has unveiled plenty of new plot details, and it now looks like a considerable portion of the internet turned out to see the long-awaited trailer. In fact, it now even seems that Infinity War trailer has destroyed the record for most views in a single day.

Following the release of the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Marvel has officially announced it has shattered the record for most online views in a 24-hour period. In fact, after only one day on the internet, the trailer has amassed an insane 230 million views. We knew that the trailer would debut to quite a bit of fanfare, considering how gun-shy Marvel has been about releasing it (particularly after the positive reception the D23 footage received over the summer). Still, this is an entirely new level of fan excitement. Seriously, these are break-the-internet numbers.

With that said, I do have to acknowledge that internet fanfare and social media enthusiasm do not necessarily equate to a good movie. Avengers: Infinity War has quite a bit to live up to after a decade of build-up, which means nobody at Marvel Studios can rest on the laurels of this trailer record. Even a film as critically maligned as David Ayer's Suicide Squad managed to become the most talked about film on social media the summer of its release, and internet chatter does not guarantee a high-quality product. Avengers: Infinity War undoubtedly looks excellent (and the Russos are riding high off of the success of Captain America: Civil War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier), but we will just have to wait and see if the directors can deliver on this blockbuster's lofty promises.

Just in case you missed the trailer when it dropped yesterday, check it out below to see all of the pure, unadulterated Marvel awesomeness for yourself!

Avengers: Infinity War will blast its way into theaters next year on May 4, 2018. Check out our handy Infinity War guide to get yourself up-to-date on everything that you need to know about the film, and check out our list of the 19 coolest moments from the trailer to see every badass scene that Marvel has opted to show us.