The numbers have rolled in, and it looks like Zack Snyder's Justice League isn't the blockbuster success that some had hoped for ahead of its release. Sure, it's a movie that has already developed a strong fanbase (early screenings had plenty of positive feedback, and our review is favorable), but the film's middling box office performance has left quite a bit to be desired. It also leaves us wondering what could've been in another Justice League project -- such as the never-made Justice League script written by Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall back in 2011.

We have looked into some of the details behind Will Beall's leaked Justice League script (via The Wrap), and it's safe to say that many of the ideas in the story are pretty wild. But in a good way! Usually. On that note, let's dive in and talk through some of the most bizarre details of this unmade DC epic.

Desaad Fights Killer Croc In A Shark Tank

You read that correctly. One of the earliest set pieces in this unused Justice League script involved a battle between Darkseid's henchman, Desaad, and longtime Batman baddie, Killer Croc, in a LexCorp shark tank. The sequence would've seen Killer Croc take a massive bite out of a shark in the middle of the battle, and come to a head with Desaad murdering the scaly-skinned Batman rogue and making off with a stash of Kryptonite obtained by Lex Luthor to take down Superman. And to think, that's just how this absolutely insane movie begins, and it only gets even weirder from here.

The Justice League Is Already Formed (And They Get Coffee)

Zack Snyder's Justice League tells the story of the formation of DC's most iconic superhero team, but Will Beall's original script from the story introduced audiences to a version of the group (albeit with some omissions like Aquaman) that has already formed and worked together in the past. This incarnation of the Justice League has a friendly rapport, and they even get coffee together when they're not out saving the world. Whether intentional or not, it oddly feels like DNA of this idea would eventually make its way into the Justice League movie in the form of The Flash's repeated jokes about brunch.

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