Watch Deadpool Offer Brazilians Free Tattoos In Hilarious New Video

When he's not slicing up bad guys or searching for a great chimichanga, Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool spends a lot of his time finding new ways to promote himself, and it's usually during the months leading up to one of his new movies. It's funny how the timing on that works out. Anyhow, the Merc with the Mouth's latest plug is to all his Brazilian fans, as those who are attending Brazil Comic-Con, a.k.a. CCXP, will have the chance to get a free Deadpool-themed tattoo. And thankfully, Wade Wilson put in the time to deliver this news effectively to folks in that area of South America. And by that, I mean he was on Google Translate for 20 minutes and spent a few hours watching telenovelas.

Yeah, that figures that we wouldn't hear Deadpool actually speaking Portuguese. Fortunately, that woman served as an effective replacement. She stuck to the script perfectly and passed along the information on the four Deadpool tattoo options that will be available. Calling this opportunity "a good 'ol back alley roll of the hepatitis dice" might not be the best advertisement, but Wade makes up for it later by saying that those who score a spot will surely be the talk of Sao Paolo. So for those of you who find yourself at the home of "Pele, hairless genitalia and the largest Jared Leto statue," you'll want to head to the Deadpool Tattoo website for more information on how you can get some Deadpool ink on your skin. In this case, I'm not referring to the ink spilling out of a pen that Deadpool has stabbed into your arm.

Alas, for those of you elsewhere in the world, if you want your own Deadpool tattoo, you'll either have to hold out hope that another event like this will be held at a comic-con in your neck of the woods, or you'll just have to pay for one as a regular tattoo parlor. In any case, considering that Deadpool is more popular than ever thanks to his 2016 theatrical debut (no, we're not counting X-Men Origins: Wolverine), no doubt many CCPX visitors will be itching to take part in this opportunity.

Fortunately, we're about half a year away from Deadpool's big return to the silver screen. No specific Deadpool 2 plot details have been released yet, but it will see the Merc with the Mouth meeting Cable and Domino, battling Black Tom Cassidy, reuniting with most of his allies from the first movie and continuing to break the fourth wall. And the fun won't stop there, because not only is Deadpool 3 being planned, but Wade is also expected to take part in X-Force by annoying his teammates.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018. As for what else will be released next year, head to our 2018 premiere guide for that information.

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