The Funny Marvel Movie Idea Chris Evans Has If The Disney And Fox Deal Happens

Avengers: Infinity War Captain America's Avengers charge the enemy

Disney and Fox are now closer than ever to the potential merger that's been in the public eye for the past couple of weeks. Should this go through, a lot of pieces could fall into place with a lot of franchises, especially when it comes to the ever fractured Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in the case of Chris Evans, the once and future Marvel employee, there's one particular project that he's pitched, even if it's just one big punchline. The current Captain America star has submitted the following idea for approval:

So who do I talk to about a Cap/Human Torch buddy comedy spin-off? I'm thinking Planes, Trains and Automobiles meets Parent Trap.

Let's take a moment and truly appreciate the fact that 2017 Chris Evans is all for teaming up with 2005 Chris Evans, in a heart-warmingly funny road trip and twisted identity flick. Seeing the older, wiser persona that Evans has cultivated for Avengers: Infinity War alongside his younger self from Fox's Fantastic Four era is something that the Marvel Studios lab should totally be working on. I can just see it: The tale of two superpowered heroes from different corners of the Marvel Comic universe, traveling home while hatching a plot to reunite their continuums into one harmonious singularity. He may be joking, but I don't hate the idea.

With a deal that could create the biggest cinematic comic conglomerate since Warner Bros and DC Comics, there's a ton of possibilities in the air. Franchises like X-Men and Fantastic Four could officially cross over with The Avengers, bringing some of the most iconic comic storylines to full, accurate life. Not to mention, if the powers that be wanted to be uber cheeky, they could unite Evan Peter's Quicksilver with Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch, if only to reunite them both with their father Magneto.

Going back to the Chris Evans proposal, that's the sort of stuff that Marvel has been known to embrace in the pages of the company's more fantastical stories. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been somewhat more grounded, that might actually change with two of the more rule-bending franchises coming home to roost. Though even with the MCU proper introducing Doctor Strange's abilities to travel through multiple dimensions, and the big reality shattering epic that is Avengers: Infinity War looming over the land, this might not be as crazy of an idea as we thought.

This is especially true considering that Peyton Reed, the current steward of the Ant-Man franchise, and one time competitor for the original Fantastic Four director's chair, is all in on this prospect. With his tweet below as evidence, Chris Evans could take this Twitter joke and turn it into a reality, should the Infinity Stones align.

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For now though, we'll have to see how the Fox and Disney merger shakes out, as well as where the MCU will be after Avengers: Infinity War has its way with the universe on May 4th, 2018. You can take a look at what all we know about that movie with our full guide.

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