How IT 2 Should Use The Losers Club Kids, According To The Cast

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Andy Muschietti's IT became a sensation in September, and all eyes are on the franchise to repeat that box office success when IT: Chapter 2 debuts in 2019. The general expectation is that the sequel will follow the arguably even more bizarre adult storyline from the book, but we recently had the chance to ask the young performers from IT how they would want to appear in the follow-up. When we questioned Wyatt Oleff (Stanely) and Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben) at the film's recent home release junket, they addressed the viability of flashbacks to flesh out the time between films and said:

Wyatt Oleff: I mean, through the only way possible is probably like flashbacks.Jeremy Ray Taylor: So like flashbacks or maybe us going our separate ways at the Blood Oath. Showing where we go and stuff. I don't know, but I'm super excited for it.

Following the defeat of Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) in the sewers, the members of The Losers Club formed a Blood Oath as they all went their separate ways. This is the last that we see of them in the film, with the scene suggesting that the moment will have significant implications for their lives as they grow up and become the adult protagonists of IT: Chapter 2. Given the impending time jump and inevitable recasting with older actors, Wyat Oleff and Jeremy Ray Taylor don't necessarily expect to lead the next incarnation of IT, but they seem incredibly interested in returning for flashback sequences to help flesh out the mythology between the movies.

This conversation naturally leads to the question of whether or not these young performers will actually return for IT 2. CinemaBlend addressed that possibility to the two young actors, and they admitted there's a chance that they will return, but it's not set in stone at the moment. When we asked if conversations had taken place to bring them back, they said:

Jeremy Ray Taylor: A little bit, I think. We don't know yet.Wyatt Oleff: They've like hinted towards it, but they haven't told us anything passed that.Jeremy Ray Taylor: We definitely don't know anything official.

So now, like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, we play the waiting game. The prospect of 2019's horror film schedule just became a lot more exciting and frightening.

IT: Chapter 2 is slated to debut in theaters on September 6, 2019. IT will debut on Digital HD on December 19, and the DVD and Blu-ray editions of the film will hit shelves next year on January 9.

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