Every Porg Moment From The Last Jedi, Ranked


Porgs are the single hottest topic of conversation right now, so, obviously Spoiler Warning for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here, which means we can finally answer the question that's been screaming off everyone's lips: how cute are the porgs? Answer: very. The little residents of Ahch-to made waves on the internet for their big round eyes and extremely huggable bodies, but there was a genuine worry that they would go the way of the Ewok. I'm happy to report that that is not the case, and the porgs don't outstay their welcome at all. They have a few fun little comedy scenes and then it's back to the main conflict with Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren.

Inspired by the puffins of Skellig Michael, the shooting location that doubled for Ahch-to, the porgs offer some levity to the proceedings. The clueless little birds get just amount of spotlight to break the tension without being obnoxious about it, making them about as perfect a Star Wars animal sidekick as we can ask for. It's true that the porgs don't get to do a lot, but the moments they do have are pretty memorable, so let's take a look back and rank all the best porg scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

4. The Porgs Settle Into The Millenium Falcon

Ahch-To is a pretty barren home for the porgs, so when sweet new digs in the form of the Millenium Falcon arrives on Ahch-To, the porgs enact squatters rights. While Rey is busy dealing with her Jedi training under Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca is stuck watching over the Falcon and dealing with his temporary neighbors. The Falcon basically becomes infested with porgs, who pester Chewie in the cockpit, tear up upholstery, and build their nests. Yep, baby porgs -- or porglets -- are born inside of the Falcon, giving Chewie even more grief.


3. Death By Lightsaber (Almost)

The Force Awakens ended with Rey offering Luke Skywalker his original lightsaber, a symbolic plea for him to come back to the Rebellion. The Last Jedi shows us how Luke reacts to his lightsaber: by throwing it over his shoulder and not saying a word. Ever curious, two porgs decide to inspect the mysterious new object in their home. While one sticks his big eyes right into the saber opening, another repeatedly jumps on the trigger. Luckily, Rey takes back the weapon before the innocent porg can be incinerated by hot laser sword.


2. Porg Joins The Battle

The action in The Last Jedi -- especially the dogfights -- is really cool. And near the height of the climax, when the Resistance is outmanned and outgunned by the First Order, Chewbacca and the Millenium Falcon swoop in the save the day. But he's not alone! Chewie's got himself a new co-pilot in the form of a porg who evidently stuck around on the Falcon. Chewie and the porg announce their arrival with a roar (seen in the trailers), and commence a distraction by leading all the Tie Fighters away from the main battle.


1. Roasted Porg

Chewbacca has a lot of screentime with the porgs, but none of that tops the moment he tried to eat one in front of a horrified porg family. A flock of porgs is apparently called a "murder," which is exactly what Chewie did to one. Chewie's got to eat, and unless he wants to try one of those fish maids, porgs are his best option. After roasting up a porg on the campfire, Chewie prepares to take a bite, when he's met with the sorrowful gaze of a group of porgs. He tries to turn away, only to be greeted a porg with the biggest, saddest eyes possible. Chewie is ultimately guilt-tripped into skipping dinner that night, and I can't say I blame him.

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