Recently Star Wars: The Last Jedi revealed some of the new alien creatures that will be part of the newest film in the franchise. Porgs. The internet met them with a collective "awwwww." I mean, for real. While the Star Wars Universe is full of aliens, many of them are of the giant monster variety, but some are downright adorable.

While many viewed the Porgs as some sort of pandering to the toy market, the fact is that weird, and occasionally cute, aliens have been a part of the Star Wars universe for as long as it's been around. Here are the cutest aliens in Star Wars, ranked by their adorableness.

6. Banthas

Banthas may not be the first animal you think of when you're considering cute Star Wars creatures, but if you've ever stopped to look at them, then you know that they actually look incredibly peaceful and friendly -- and that goes a long way. They're basically just walking balls of hair that happen to be 15 feet tall. They don't look nearly as nasty as the Tusken Raiders that use them for transportation. Just look at that face. Are you saying that thing isn't cute? I'm pretty sure if you scratched a bantha behind the ear it would just smile at you.

5. Eopies

They look a little like Anteaters with extra long legs, and anteaters are remarkably cute, therefore, so are these guys. Another native of Tatooine, though one we don't see in the original trilogy. Eopies are animals used as mounted transportation so they're sort of like camels, only better looking. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace doesn't include the cutest scene with them, but as pack animals go in Star Wars, there are some much uglier creatures out there. It's something about the flexible snout that flops back and forth when they move their heads that's just too cute.

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