A Group Of Star Wars Fans Want The Last Jedi To Be Stricken From Canon

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Every time a movie comes out that is a large budget venture with a passionate fanbase, there is the potential for that flick to be divisive. And when a movie is divisive, that often leads to a certain faction of fans complaining on the Internet, often in petition form. Which is how we got here, at the tail end of 2017, writing about a Star Wars: The Last Jedi petition from unhappy fans. The gist? A certain faction of unhappy Star Wars fans want Star Wars: The Last Jedi stricken from canon.

Here's the deal with the brand spanking new petition. A small faction of fans--and while the movie made $215 million domestically over the weekend, only 11,550 had signed at the time of this writing--believe that Star Wars "Episode VII was a travesty." The complaint also indicates that the movie turned the concept of a Star Wars film on its head and turned it into something very different than what most fans were expecting, which is a common criticism that has been relayed by fans who haven't been as keen on the movie. However, according to the petition, which can be found over at Change.org, these fans want to take their complaints a bit further, asking Disney to cut the flick from canon entirely. It's a pretty big request.

It should go without saying that Disney isn't going to do this. Although some of the franchise fiction that has been written over the years has been declared to no longer be canon by the House of Mouse, by all accounts Disney is pretty happy with the way Star Wars: The Last Jedi turned out. In fact, the studio has already hired Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson to helm a brand new trilogy of Star Wars films in the future. So, he and his vision will be around for some time to come.

Speaking of canon, there's an entire division of Lucasfilm that is employed to determine what is and what is not canon in the universe, called Lucasfilm Story Group. While we would guess the group can make decisions about minor continuity issues, the group likely wouldn't get to make a call regarding whether or not to scrap Rian Johnson's entire venture from canon. Plus, there are a lot of people out there who really liked Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It's not going anywhere, even if it's not your personal favorite Star Wars flick.

So, I guess the moral of this story is that if you were really meh on seeing Kylo Ren shirtless or a lot of the decisions Rian Johnson made while crafting his movie, there's always Star Wars Episode IX to look forward to. Plus, there's also Solo: A Star Wars Story, although that movie has already worked through some of its own issues....

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently in theaters. If you'd like to see it or see it again in theaters, we have you covered.

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