The whole point of movies is to get an emotional reaction out of you. Sometimes it's a laugh, other times a cry. Some movies want to scare the absolute crap out of you and some just want to make you think a little about our place in the universe. All of these moments are well and good, but there also exists little nugget in movies that make you blurt, "What the fuck?!" These scenes can be gross, shocking, weird, or stupid. This year had no shortage of any of those, and we've gone ahead and collected a few of our favorites.

Below you'll find a list of our 10 favorite WTF movie moments from 2017. These moments come from movies of all different types and genres with the only qualifier being that they made us stop dead in our tracks to let our brains catch up with us. These were our favorites, but we want to know yours, too, so, share in the comments your favorite WTF movies of the year.

Spoiler Warning: Obviously, we're going to be spoiling the events of these movies, so if you haven't seen any particular movie, just skip ahead to the next page.

Pennywise's Dance From IT

It can't be understated how many WTF moments there are in IT, 99% of which all revolve around Pennywise. We could have easily gone with him, oh I don't know, crawling out of a projection as a giant trying to gobble up some kids, but that's kind of expected from Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard). What isn't expected is that he randomly breaks into a jig in a highly meme-able moment. When Beverly (Sophia Lillis) awakens in Pennywise's lair, there's plenty of discarded children's toys lying around to creep her out, but nothing can prepare her for when Pennywise's cart transforms into a stage and Pennywise begins dancing. It's like if Mike Myers just started to tango before he gutted you. Pennywise doesn't smile or move his head at all; he just stares blankly while kinking his feet to the side. Poor Bev can only avert her eyes to look for an exit. Anyway, he's not called Pennywise the Dancing Clown because he just holds balloons all day.

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