People Totally Want To Have Sex With Pennywise The Clown From IT

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With the resurrection of Pennywise the Dancing Clown by Bill Skarsgard, Andy Muschietti's IT has given modern horror movie audiences a unique new icon. That said, it seems that Pennywise is not just a scary symbol; he is also becoming a sex symbol. People have begun to confess their sexual fantasies about the demonic entity online, and some of these confessions have gotten pretty intense. One such post reads:

I want to have sex with Pennywise and I never had sexual fantasies about a serial killer.

So while this person has never thought about doing anything dirty with Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, they have no problem fantasizing about a child-murdering clown from Derry, Maine. Online confessions such as these have ranged from the plainly blunt to the delightfully NSFW, and it looks like some people have gotten into the idea of Pennywise doing far more than just eating The Losers Club's fear. Let's just hope that the clown from IT never has sex with It from It Follows; that might be too sexy/scary for a horror fan to handle.

Some of these confessions go into far more detail than that first one. Another post specifically highlights the creature's sexy(?) mouth and says:

I want Pennywise and I to have a sexy makeout session with those big plump lips and those spooky sharp teeth of his.

With all of that said, not everything on the Pennywise Confessions Tumblr page is explicitly sexual in nature. Some people just really want to see Pennywise settle down with a love interest, and those comments are actually kind of heartwarming (by Pennywise standards). One specifically reads:

I wish Penny had a love interest, and I wonder how he'd react knowing that that person would die one day. I don't know but it just gets me thinking.

Depending on your interest in fan fiction and extended canon, we may actually already have a brand new love interest for Pennywise the Clown on our hands. Just last week, many people on the internet collectively decided to announce that Pennywise is gay, and he's totally dating Mr. Babadook (who also became a gay icon this summer) from 2015's The Babadook. This obviously isn't canon in any official sense of the word, but it shows how much people have been willing to personally project onto the central monster from IT. Even if we cannot put our fingers on it, there's something about him (other than his terrifying nature) that people have begun to respond to online.

Whether you want to have sex with Pennywise the Clown or not, IT is now in theaters and making a boatload of money in the process. CinemaBlend will keep you updated with more details related to the wildly successful horror film as they become available, and make sure to check out our guide to upcoming horror movies that we're dying to see, as well as what's coming up with our 2018 movie premiere guide!

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