Steven Spielberg Admits He Gets Nervous Shooting Every New Movie

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No matter how many times a master may ply his or her trade, there's always a possibility for nervous excitement to make its way into his or her working habits. In the case of legendary director Steven Spielberg, nervousness jitters are something that has never left him. The popular director, who was the man behind the camera for this year's The Post, recently described the phenomenon for himself, noting that the nervous jitters that accompany each new project are actually a good thing. He said:

You know, that doesn't mean I lack confidence, it just means that simply every day is exciting, and excitement sometimes provokes a nervous energy. And that nervous energy, for me, is my fuel. That's what makes me run.

When The Post was coming together, actress Carrie Coon was able to work closely with Steven Spielberg, noticing that he was getting nervous on the set of the movie, despite having been in the business for decades. Spielberg told the actress that he gets "scared" with every new movie, and that nerves are a common thing for him. Following her reveal, Yahoo then asked the director about those nervous jitters, and he admitted they were a real thing, and in fact an integral part of his directing process.

Considering The Post was delivered in seven months, while the director was also completing Ready Player One's post-production work, that "nervous energy" seems to help Steven Spielberg's work output something fierce. It's probably why we've seen him go through periods of time where he'll log two films within a year's time, much like he's about to do. And yet, while this may be the first time this fact has been made public knowledge, it's something that Spielberg isn't afraid to share with his collaborators.

With a pot-boiler plot that recalls the struggles of The Washington Post and their role in the publication of the Pentagon Papers, The Post is a film that thrives on suspense in the familiar. So it's only natural that Steven Spielberg, a director who admits he does the same when he approaches his craft, would be the one to bring this story into the world. If the fates smile on his efforts, he'll have a couple more venues for that nervous energy, as the film looks poised to bring home quite a few awards this season.

The Post is currently in limited release, with a full rollout on January 19th. Meanwhile, Ready Player One will be hitting theaters on March 31st. While that's all from Steven Spielberg for the moment, there's still plenty of other movies set to arrive in the new year, which you can get the full picture of in our 2018 release schedule.

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