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Not even a week ago, we were reporting that a planned movie about Captain Marvel, the tights-wearing DC hero who isn't Superman, was dead in the water. The movie's screenwriter John August said as much on his website, and suggested the project had been killed because Capt. Marvel isn't a dark enough hero for these post-Dark Knight times.

But apparently the movie's producer has a whole different notion of what's going on. Michael Uslan told MTV's Splash Page, somewhat cryptically, the following: ""I will only say one thing — and all I will do is quote Samuel Clemens to you. This is direct from Captain Marvel himself: ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.’"

Har har-- a Mark Twain quote to tell us that, basically, you've kicked August off the project and are moving on without him. Isn't that clearly what's going on here? Not that I was particularly attached to August, or any specific screenwriter, but isn't this kind of a shitty way of going about business? It seems that Uslan and his fellow producers were caught unaware by August's blog post that made the whole thing public, and had to come up with a statement that tells us basically nothing, except to keep looking out for their new project.

Sure, sure fine-- just give us something concrete we can look forward. Good to know they're not sticking with all-dark, all-the-time for their next superhero movies, but let's get some promises before we assume Capt. Marvel has risen from the dead.

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