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These Are The Justice League Bonus Scenes We Want To See In The Blu-ray

Justice League has pretty much wrapped up its theatrical run, but you won't have to wait too long to watch it in the comfort of your own home. It was announced last week that Justice League will be released digitally on February 13, and the Blu-ray/DVD copies will hit shelves on March 13. As one often expects with these blockbuster releases, there will be a lot of special features available. More importantly, however, is that contrary to a rumor that claimed there would only be one bonus scene attached to Justice League, Warner Bros announced that there will be multiple bonus scenes.

Given how much material was reportedly cut out of Justice League to trim it down to a lean two hours (including credits), there's no shortage of bonus scenes that could be included on the Justice League home media release. It would be foolish to assume that most of this deleted material will be made available to the public, but looking back at Justice League previews and reports surrounding the movie, we've gathered together the scenes we're hoping will be included.

Superman in the Fortress of Solitude

Superman At The Fortress Of Solitude

This is the only scene that we can guarantee will be attached to Justice League, as it was teased at the end of the Blu-ray promo video. As you'll recall, after Lois Lane was able to calm Superman down in Smallville, the Man of Steel popped up again to aid Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg with defeating Steppenwolf. This time, though, Clark Kent/Kal-El was wearing a costume that looked just like his original one, only shinier. Clearly there was a gap between when Superman left Smallville and when he arrived at that Russian village, so this deleted scene will almost certainly show him heading to the Fortress of Solitude to retrieve his new costume. If we're lucky, maybe we'll get a look at that black suit that was long expected to appear in Justice League, but ultimately didn't make the final cut.

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth in Justice League

Superman Meeting With Alfred

At the end of the Justice League trailer that premiered at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, Alfred Pennyworth was visited by a mysterious individual, to whom Bruce Wayne's trusty butler/confidant/father figure said, "He said you'd come. Now let's hope you're not too late." A lot of folks reasonably assumed that Alfred was talking to Superman, and looking at this scene in context with what went down in Justice League, we finally have confirmation that was correct. Alfred and Superman never had any face time in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it would be cool to finally see them together in the DCEu. More importantly, though, is that this scene would clear up how Superman figured out where the other heroes had gone following his conflict with them in Metropolis.

Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke in Justice League

Deathstroke Breaking Lex Luthor Out Of Arkham Asylum

Arguably Justice League's biggest surprise was the post-credits scene, which showed that Lex Luthor having managed to escape Arkham Asylum (putting a fellow bald inmate in his cell to temporarily fool the guards) and meeting with Deathstroke to begin forming a group for fellow criminals. An Injustice League, as it were. What wasn't shown was how exactly Slade Wilson broke Luthor out of Arkham. We know for a fact that this escape was at least storyboarded, as Zack Snyder posted a picture of himself in September 2016 looking over some drawings of Deathstroke confronting Luthor in what looked like his cell. Folks who haven't read the comics or watched TV shows like Arrow have no idea what makes Deathstroke one of the best mercenaries in the world, so including the scene of Joe Manganiello's version breaking Luthor out would be a great way to clue them in.

Aquaman shoving Batman in Justice League

Batman Offering Aquaman Money

Assembling a superhero team isn't easy, and Batman's first attempt to recruit Aquaman didn't go as planned. But in an earlier cut of Justice League, Bruce didn't just use his words to try to persuade Arthur to help him out. In the book Justice League: The Art of the Film, there's a picture of Arthur shoving Bruce against the wall like he did in the finalized movie, but this time, Bruce has a stack of cash in his hand, which he would give Arthur in exchange for information about the Mother Boxes. As we all know, Bruce Wayne isn't a man who lacks for money, and clearly he thought that bribing Arthur Curry with tens of thousands of dollars might make him more compliant. Inevitably Bruce and Arthur's first interaction with one another has to end with the latter turning down the former's offer, but it would still be nice to see this deleted moment that reminds Bruce that money can't solve everything.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Justice League

Barry Allen Saving Iris West

One of the many DC characters who was supposed to debut in Justice League was Iris West, Barry Allen's main love interest. But just like Willem Dafoe's Nuidis Vulko, Kiersey Clemons' version of Iris was cut out of the movie. However, shortly after Justice League's release, a leaked clip made the rounds showing Barry rescuing Iris from a car accident. We caught a glimpse of this scene in the 2017 Comic-Con trailer when Barry moved at super speed and shattered the window of the building he's in. Now we'll have to wait until Flashpoint for Iris' official DCEU debut, but that doesn't mean we can't get a full taste of what might have been, so here's hoping that we can finally watch Barry/Iris scene fully unfold as part of the official Justice League home media release.

Ray Fisher as Victor Stone playing football in Justice League

Victor Stone's Football Game

The Justice League trailers indicated we would see what Victor Stone's life was like before he became Cyborg, but in the end, this was only touched upon through conversation. It's doubtful that the Justice League Blu-ray would include all of the cut Victor Stone scenes, especially if some of these moments will be re-used or re-filmed for the standalone Cyborg movie, but at the very least, seeing the big football game would be a good way to provide a brief look at a pre-superhero Victor. Just like his comic book counterpart, Victor was a talented athlete, and had he not been caught in that accident, he might have gone pro. For those who are interested in learning more about Victor as a normal human, watching a snippet of this football game (potentially his last one) would do just the trick.

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