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Gal Gadot Responds To Wonder Woman's Lack Of Oscar Nominations

Gal Gadot as Diana in Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman may have been a box office powerhouse last year and earned many positive reviews, but it ultimately didn't earn any Oscars attention. The Academy Award nominations were announced earlier this week, and Diana of Themyscira's cinematic origin story was nowhere to be found in any of the categories. There were quite a few folks disappointed that Wonder Woman didn't make the cut, and when asked about how she felt about the movie not being nominated for Oscars, Gal Gadot said while she's appreciative for the support, Wonder Woman wasn't made with the goal of collecting one or more of those golden trophies. In the actress' words:

I was very moved and touched by the people who were disappointed that Wonder Woman wasn't nominated, but we certainly never did the movie for that. I think that you can't have it all. We've done this movie and it was received in such an amazing, wonderful way, and we want to stay humble and grateful, and we're going to have another movie, so who knows? Maybe the next one!

Of the superhero movies that were released in 2017, only Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 walked away with nominations for the 90th Academy Awards, the former for Best Adapted Screenplay and the latter for Best Visual Effects. While Warner Bros has been pushing for Wonder Woman to receive some Oscar recognition, especially for director Patty Jenkins, the studio's efforts ultimately didn't pay off. However, as you can tell from Gal Gadot's comment to ET, she's not bothered by this because she's thankful for all the people who went to see the movie and enjoyed it. Plus, being nominated for an Oscar or even winning one doesn't always guarantee that a movie will remain a favorite in the years after. I suspect that won't be an issue for Wonder Woman.

Taking place 100 years before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman saw Diana leaving Themyscira for the first time to escort Steve Trevor back to man's world and working to put an early end to World War I. As the fourth DC Extended Universe movie, Wonder Woman is so far the most critically well-received of the franchise, ranking at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's also the second highest-grossing DCEU movie, trailing only behind Batman v Superman. Warner Bros officially announced Wonder Woman 2 at 2017's San Diego Comic-Con, and along with Gal Gadot obviously reprising the heroine, Patty Jenkins is returning to direct and co-write the script with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham. And like Gadot said, maybe the sequel will fare better than its predecessor and earn a few nominations for the 2020 Academy Awards.

Diana of Themyscira most recently appeared in Justice League, and Gal Gadot will reprise the character for Wonder Woman 2, which hits theaters on November 1, 2019.

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