Recently, the Sundance Film Festival held what could be considered the start of the Season of 2018 awards contenders. With the usual blend of midnight movies and under-the-radar indie product, this year's film market will be reacting to the acquisitions that are made at this gathering. In the past, we've seen Netflix acquire winners before they were even crowned, big ticket titles like The Birth of a Nation start to build up steam, and a couple of oddball titles making their way into the world.

This year's lineup is no exception, as there's a wide berth of gonzo hits and more establishment-friendly projects, with the following 10 entries resembling the most interesting and buzzed about films to come from this year's Sundance Film Festival pack.


Previously, director Panos Cosmatos made a splash in the indie world with his trippy sci-fi film Beyond The Black Rainbow. It was enough of a ripple to draw some initial attention to his latest film, Mandy, but the further the film became fleshed out to its audience, the more it became an irresistible draw. Starring Nicholas Cage, the film shows his protagonist, Red, fighting the cult that took the woman he loves out of this world. With one such battle including a chainsaw duel, and reports indicating that this film leans into the crazier parts of Cage's skill set, it's hard not to want to see this flick immediately.

Eighth Grade

Comedian Bo Burnham made his directorial debut with a self-penned script in Eighth Grade, the story of a young girl in her last week of middle school, and the pitfalls it entails. While this sort of territory has definitely been explored before, and in recent memory, Burnham's version has been drawing praise for not only its humor, but also its avoidance of time-tested cliches. So while the teen angst genre may seem played out to some folks, Bo Burnham looks to have given it a much-needed shot in the arm.

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