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Recently, writer and director Steven DeKnight was asked by a fan if he would be interested in directing Man of Steel 2 and while his answer wasn't "yes," it did get people talking. He responded with a simple "up, up and away" on Twitter, which certainly seemed to indicate an interest in the concept, but recently the Daredevil writer followed-up to specify who he'd actually like to see direct the forthcoming Superman sequel, the same person who directed the first one. According to DeKnight...

All I said was "Up, up and away" in response to being asked if I'd be interested in directing MOS2. My preference would be to see Zack Snyder helm the sequel. Love his work.

If "up, up and away" wasn't meant to express some interest in the idea of directing Man of Steel 2, then it's not clear what exactly Steven DeKnight did mean. The question posed to him was clearly a hypothetical one, and his answer was just as hypothetical. Still, the fact that he might be interested is of value, considering the fact that at this point, we have no idea what's going on with Man of Steel 2, including who will direct it. While the film has been officially announced, there's no timeframe on when it will go into production. Matthew Vaughn has been previously rumored as a possible director for the film, but those rumors were months ago and we've heard very little recently, beyond the fact that the film is still in thestory pitching stage.

There are clearly many Zack Snyder fans who would love to see him return to Man of Steel, Steven DeKnight is only one of them, and the idea isn't entirely outside the realm of plausibility. The DC film universe is currently undergoing a significant change with a new president taking over behind the scenes. The fact is that we don't really know what Snyder has planned next, but since Man of Steel 2 will almost certainly pick up where Justice League left off, having Snyder continue that story while other directors work on other characters isn't the craziest idea in the world.

While Zack Snyder could potentially be looking for a break from directing DC films, the fact that Man of Steel 2 is a couple of years away at a minimum could mean that down the road he could be ready to take on Superman once again. Of course, there are likely other candidates who are probably just as interested and if Steven DeKnight was actually approached, who knows, he might be one of them.

In the short term, however, Steven DeKnight is busy putting the finishing touches on Pacific Rim: Uprising, which is set to hit screens later this year.

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