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10 Cloverfield Lane

Franchise films and hype go hand-in-hand, which typically means extensive marketing campaigns kick off well ahead of a film's release. However, despite that tradition, we still know little to nothing about God Particle a.k.a Cloverfield 3. On that note, CinemaBlend recently sat down with Cloverfield 3 actress Elizabeth Debicki during the press junket for Peter Rabbit to see if she would divulge any information about the film ahead of its first trailer. Alas, she insisted on protecting its secrets, and then went on to explain that this level of secrecy is seldom seen in Hollywood, saying:

I literally can't tell you anything... It's gonna be good. Keep it as a secret. There's not many things in life that are like revelations.

We definitely live in an entertainment landscape that's defined by sneak peaks and trailers that build suspense and anticipation for an A-list franchise film. That is why it is not uncommon to see a major movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DCEU drop three or four trailers (not to mention just as many TV spots) on the road to that film's respective premiere. That said, in the case of something like Cloverfield 3, Elizbeth Debicki urges patience for the fans, because it is rare for a film to come out of nowhere in the way that this film is attempting to do.

These remarks about the integrity of secrets arguably feel reasonably on-brand for what the Cloverfield franchise has tried to accomplish since its inception in 2008 with Matt Reeves' original Cloverfield movie, which was then expanded upon in 2016 with Dan Trachtenberg's 10 Cloverfield Lane. This universe leans heavily on the "Mystery Box" storytelling methodology popularized by J.J. Abrams (a key fixture behind all of the Cloverfield movies), and Cloverfield 3 is leaning even harder into the mystery element by keeping it story and marketing held close to the chest.

Elizabeth Debicki The Man From Uncle

Despite the secrecy related to Cloverfield 3 and its overall development, there have been a few hints about the future of the project in recent weeks. Specifically, the film's viral marketing website recently received a significant update and teased plot details about the development of "revolutionary new energy technology." Couple that with the early reports that Cloverfield 3 will focus on a group of scientists fighting for survival aboard a space station high above Earth, and we are left with a vague (albeit incredibly intriguing) tease for a film that Elizabeth Debicki promises is "gonna be good."

With so little concrete information surrounding Cloverfield 3's development, production, and marketing, we will just have to wait and see what happens as the film's April 20 release date draws near. For now, you can catch Elizabeth Debicki's latest work in Peter Rabbit, which will premiere in theaters this weekend on February 9.

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