Fergie Says Quentin Tarantino Biting Her Wasn't A Big Deal

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Quentin Tarantino recently found himself at the center of some unwanted headlines when an article re-surfaced in which Fergie claimed that he bit her on the set of Planet Terror -- the sci-fi half of the Grindhouse double feature alongside Death Proof. That comment raised questions about Tarantino's treatment of the pop star on the set of Robert Rodriguez's film. Now, Fergie has decided to clarify the situation. Speaking out about the news recently, Fergie explained that the bite (which left a bruise) was more playful than malicious, saying:

First off, I stand with victims everywhere no matter what genre, race, gender, age. I stand with victims period, and I don't want to take away from anyone's story. That just wasn't my story. We were just kind of having banter. We were having a little bit of fun.

Based on everything that we have learned about the situation, it definitely sounds like Quentin Tarantino did bite Fergie on the set of Planet Terror. That said, Fergie doesn't seem to have a negative recollection of the experience, and described it in more playful terms and likened it to her experiences going on tour with The Black Eyed Peas. For the sake of context, it's also important to note that Tarantino was playing a zombie in the sequence.

Biting is not the most common behavior, but it has been known to happen with zombie-related projects previously. Actors on The Walking Dead have often talked about how fans will come up to them and bite them sometimes. Seemingly, that biting is less welcome than what happened between Fergie and Quentin Tarantino, although Fergie didn't downplay women's experiences in Hollywood. She also told ET that she does stand with victims who speak out against abuse and abuses of power in Hollywood.

The story about Quentin Tarantino biting Fergie resurfaced following the comments made by Uma Thurman about working with the Pulp Fiction director on Kill Bill. Thurman claimed that she felt unsafe getting behind the wheel of a car for a scene in the film, but Tarantino alleged forced her to drive against her wishes. As a result, Uma Thurman wound up getting into a wreck while filming with the vehicle, and the accident left her with injuries. Thurman later said she blamed the production company for burying what happened, but by that point the story had already made headlines.

Now it seems that Fergie has put this particular situation to rest, but we will bring you more information concerning all of the other similar stories in Hollywood as more details become available to us. On the movie side of things, you can also hop over to CinemaBlend's 2018 movie premiere guide to check out all of this year's most significant release dates.

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