Why Peter Rabbit Is Deeper Than You Think, According To Elizabeth Debicki

Peter Rabbit

Between films like Paddington 2 and The LEGO Batman Movie, there seems to be a significant push towards earnest storytelling among family films. That's something that Will Gluck's Peter Rabbit similarly aims to capture, with a cute story full of comedy and whimsy. That said, there's more to it than just the laughs or cuteness, as Peter Rabbit voice actress Elizabeth Debicki recently opened up to CinemaBlend and explained that the film has a more profound lesson on morality that's hidden beneath the comedy. The Cloverfield Paradox actress told us:

Well, I suppose what you can do with the vessel of a really sort of genuine, earnest film is tell a really important tale and also sort of deliver the really important moral lessons. I think what our film does is sort of wrap up a really beautiful message about love and forgiveness and family and about really sort of, it's actually very deep in a way, about self-exploration. Peter has these character flaws and he's really rebellious and he makes a terrible mistake, and he has to sort of redeem himself. That's a really pivotal lesson. I mean, I think we're all kind of learning that in a way. But we wrap it up in this brilliant slapstick comedy and there's a romance and there's these gorgeous little sisters. I feel like it's like a really sugar-coated but important little lesson.

So while it's clear that there's no shortage of comedy and laughs to be had in Peter Rabbit, Elizabeth Debicki seems to assert that the film also does something more profound. Much of the film's core appeal stems from watching Domhnall Gleeson's Thomas McGregor get beaten up in some of the slapstick sequences, but there's an undercurrent of morality and self-reflection that helps hammer Peter Rabbit's themes of family and forgiveness home. Sure you can laugh, but if you look even further, you will also find something much deeper than you would've initially expected.

If you are looking for a closer look at CinemaBlend's chat with Elizabeth Debicki about Peter Rabbit, then watch the interview clip below to hear what she had to say about the film's message and moral!

Peter Rabbit is Will Gluck's adaptation of Beatrix Potter's classic children's books. Centering its story on the brash eponymous bunny (James Corden) the film follows Peter as he finds himself engaged in a bitter battle against the young Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) for the affection of Bea (Rose Byrne). It's a classic comedy premise, but don't forget to keep an eye out for the film's weightier ideas about love as well.

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