Ocean’s 8 May Have More Ocean’s Cameos Than We Thought

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Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven remake changed the heist genre forever when it debuted back in 2001, and the franchise is about to get a brand new look when Gary Ross' Ocean's 8 debuts later this year. The film will spin off from the male-oriented continuity of the original trilogy to focus on Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) and her new crew of thieves, but that doesn't mean there won't be a few cameos from the team assembled initially by her brother Danny (George Clooney). In fact, Matt Damon recently opened up about his cameo as Linus Caldwell in the upcoming film, and even teased some other familiar faces in the movie, saying:

It's just a very small cameo. I'm not really in the movie a lot. ... I think there are a few of us who pop up really quickly.

It has been over ten years since we last saw Linus Caldwell and the other members of the Ocean's crew walk off at the end of Ocean's Thirteen. Now things are moving to a new crew featuring a new gender, but it seems that Matt Damon and "a few" other key players from the original Steven Soderbergh films will show up to help hand it off, according to what he told The Toronto Sun.

Of course, aside from Matt Damon's tease about his return as Linus Caldwell and the tease of others showing up as well, there are other cameos that we have already reported on in recent months. Chief among these is Carl Reiner, who will similarly return to the Ocean's franchise as veteran thief Saul Bloom. We still don't know who else is slated to return. (For example,Danny Ocean might not be as dead as some think, and George Clooney's status as a producer would make a cameo easy to pull off.) So, we will just have to wait and see.

Out of all the characters who could show up in Ocean's 8, Linus Caldwell seems like a particularly logical choice. The original Ocean's Eleven framed him as the young, up-and-coming thief on Danny's crew, and the trilogy portrayed his growth into a confident and self-sufficient criminal mastermind. Given that arc, he can now serve as a mentor and guide for the members of Debbie's crew.

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With all of that said, despite Matt Damon's promise that there is going to be multiple cameos in Ocean's 8, it also sounds like we shouldn't start to think about former characters taking on central roles in the plot. The Jason Bourne actor's remarks indicate that he only worked on the film for a single day, with the emphasis still placed on the female characters at the core of the story, rather than an extension of the ensemble seen in the first three Ocean's movies.

Ocean's 8 will debut later this year on June 8. If you want more information about all of the other films debuting this year, then hop over to CinemaBlend's movie premiere guide!

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