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Joaquin Phoenix in joker movie

There is a lot going on in Warner Bros. DC film universe these days, with directors coming and going and countless projects seemingly in some stage of development. One of the most interesting potential films is the DCEU-adjacent Joker origin movie from Todd Phillips. It was reported a couple weeks ago that Todd Phillips' first choice to take on the role of the Joker was none other than Joaquin Phoenix, who, although a deal was not yet signed, had already agreed to the role. Well, someone may want to tell Joaquin Phoenix about that because when asked about the role, he seemed to know nothing about it, saying:

What movie about the Joker?... Wow, that sounds amazing. I have no idea what you're talking about. Don't be sorry.

Bravo Joaquin Phoenix, well played. Now of course, the actor could be completely out of the loop on this one and just because his name is being bandied about for the role in a comic book movie, doesn't mean it's true or that he is even aware of it. Something tells me he isn't the type of guy reading superhero movie news online. If that's the case, someone at WB needs to make some calls, because that does sound amazing and there are a lot of reasons to think that Joaquin Phoenix would be a perfect fit for the Joker. It would be a real shame if he never wound up in a comic book movie because his talent would bring a lot to these larger than life characters.

There's also the other possibility that he is just playing coy. After all, as far as we know a deal hasn't been signed and even if Phoenix is going to do it, superhero films are generally secretive. So, he probably wouldn't say anything anyway. The fact that he seems so clueless in his response while talking to AllocCiné and is so quick to dismiss the journalist's line of questioning makes me think (or hope) he is just playing his cards close to the vest. Joaquin Phoenix is prone to a bit of theatrics and can't be pinned down too easily. It is also possible that he just wanted to talk about the movie he was promoting (Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot) and not some comic book film that he may or may not do.

Joaquin Phoenix has flirted with superhero films in the past and he was even considered the frontrunner for some time to be Doctor Strange for Marvel before ultimately passing on the project. The acclaimed actor has spoken before about why he has no interest in joining a Marvel or Star Wars movie, believing that they would not fulfill him as an artist and they are too restrictive and demanding. But WB may be on to something with these standalone films that may not be part of or beholden to the greater DCEU shared universe. This allows for one-offs that can bring in talent that doesn't want to commit to a decades worth of films but can still bring unique visions and interpretations to comic book stories. If Joaquin Phoenix is playing coy here and he is circling the Joker origin movie, perhaps the nature of what the project is is what appeals to him.

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