The Oscars Just Got An Honest Trailer, And It's Spot-on

The 2018 Academy Awards are coming up this weekend and everybody is wondering who will win Best Picture. However, no rundown of the nominees will be funnier than this one. The team at Honest Trailers goes through all the nominees and breaks them down for you as only they can. If the Oscars were actually this funny, they'd get much better ratings. Check it out.

After briefly reminiscing about the epic insanity that was the end of last year's Oscar ceremony, the Honest Trailer jumps into the nominees with Darkest Hour. That movie, like a couple of the others, isn't really about the movie as it is about a single performance, the one by Gary Oldman as Winston Churchhill. It points out that the film actually covers a lot of the same time period as another Oscar nominee Dunkirk, but that this movie had a lot less action and a lot more of people chatting at each other.

From there we move to The Fish Banging Movie, or, as it is sometimes referred, The Shape of Water. The Honest Trailer does point out that there are a pair of films which could be viewed as more than a little creepy out of context. Both The Shape of Water and Call Me by Your Name center on relationships which, might not seem quite as romantic if they weren't in movies. In the case of Shape, the fantasy element helps diffuse any unwanted tension. In the case of Call, the trailer avoids getting too serious by making a joke about Armie Hammer's balls. It turns out even serious Oscar dramas need quality digital effects these days.

I wasn't as big a fan of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as a lot of people were, but I can absolutely get behind the idea that Sam Rockwell needs to be a bigger name. He's a fantastic actor and if this movie does result in him no longer being "that guy" then I suppose it will be worth it.

Phantom Thread seems to get the briefest treatment over the course of the trailer, but the joke comparing Daniel Day-Lewis' character in the movie to the actor himself is a layup that needs to be made. So they did, and then they moved on.

On a personal level, the highlight of the video is the Lady Bird section, because, as somebody who lived outside Sacramento in the late 90s, the movie's incessant use of "Crash Into Me" by the Dave Matthews Band is actually incredibly true to life. It didn't matter how much you wanted to escape that song, it could not be done.

Dunkirk gets a little beat up for being the most Christopher Nolan movie ever. The Post takes its, well deserved, shots for feeling like the most calculated Oscar movie that it's going to be shocking when the movie probably doesn't win very much. Get Out, takes the final slot, and while the video heaps a lot of praise on the film, it also points out that the remarkable story of the horror movie, which is largely the reason it was nominated, is also the reason it probably won't win.

We'll find out which movie will actually be Best Picture during the, almost certainly less funny, Oscar telecast this Sunday.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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