Armie Hammer’s Balls Had To Be Digitally Removed From His New Movie

armie hammer's balls

After a few years of trying out bigger budget movies, Armie Hammer is back as the star of an indie flick that has been receiving quite a bit of notice over the past few months. Call Me By Your Name has mostly attracted attention because of its buzzy love story, its beautiful setting and its early critical response. However, now Call Me By Your Name is attracting notice thanks to an admission from Armie Hammer himself. Apparently the costume designer put him into such tight, short clothing that the director ultimately had to edit his balls from the movie. Here's what the actor had to say:

There was a few times where they had to go back and digitally remove my balls from the movie. Yeah. They were short shorts! What are you gonna do?

If you've checked out the Call Me By Your Name trailer or even seen the movie in limited release, you may have caught a look at Armie Hammer wearing short shorts. Several of the vacation-type shorts are incredibly short in the movie, so short that Hammer told Andy Cohen in a Sirius XM interview that director Luca Guadagnino had to take great pains to make sure his balls didn't show up in the final product. In fact, Guadagnino also joked in the same interview that it was a two-fold problem. Not only were they "short shorts," Armie Hammer also filled them with his reportedly "big balls." So there you have it, perhaps the digital edits would not have had to be made if the actor didn't fill his shorts so, erm, well.

I don't know how we are still talking about Armie Hammer excising himself from Twitter this week, when there are stories out there like this to digest. Who wouldn't rather be thinking about Armie Hammer's balls, or at least be thinking about jokes that could be made about Armie Hammer's balls? Really, there are minutes of entertainment to be had here.

This story is made even funnier by the fact that Call Me By Your Name is, by all accounts, a poignant and beautiful movie. It's about a teenaged boy who lives in the Italian countryside while his professor father works over the summer. It is there that he meets a grad student working for dear dad and they form a bond that eventually turns into a summer romance. By all accounts, it's not the type of story that would linger on a humorous ball-oriented note.

Apparently, though, that's exactly what happened during filming, although Armie Hammer and Luca Guadagnino promise that the final cut does not reveal the actor's private parts popping out of his shorts. The movie is rated R for sexual content, nudity and some language, though, so don't expect it too be too tame. (In fact, there's a masturbation scene with a peach.) Call Me By Your Name is in theaters, now. If keeping an eye out for digital edits of Hammer's junk isn't your thing, you can see what else is out this holiday with CinemaBlend's full schedule.

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