One Change Tommy Wiseau Would Make To Jared Leto's Joker

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We have heard some wild pitches for comic book movie casting over the years, but the idea of The Room's Tommy Wiseau portraying The Joker is one of the craziest. Alas, it is an idea that Wiseau himself has picked up on in recent days, and CinemaBlend recently had to chance to ask the eccentric filmmaker what he would bring to the role during a discussion of The Disaster Artist's upcoming home release. Drawing comparisons to the Joker seen in Suicide Squad, Wiseau explained that he would emote more than Jared Leto, saying:

I love all the actors of the world, but I think the last Joker, what they presented to us as an audience, I as a director slash actor. I noticed doesn't have enough emotion. You know? So, I would go with more emotion.

We can almost hear a bizarre version of the Joker screaming "You're tearing me apart, Harley!" It looks like Tommy Wiseau saw Jared Leto's performance as Mr. J in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and he has some constructive criticisms. Specifically, he would've wanted to see more emotion from Leto's Joker, and that's the direction that Wiseau would take with the character if given the opportunity.

Of course, it's still worth pointing out that Tommy Wiseau didn't explicitly say that he disliked Jared Leto's performance in Suicide Squad. He merely stated that he would've added more passion, which shouldn't surprise anyone who has heard Wiseau deliver one of The Room's most legendary lines.

This whole thing started when casting rumors for Todd Philips' Joker origin movie started circulating several weeks ago. Joaquin Phoenix's name surfaced as the frontrunner to portray The Clown Prince of Crime in the non-DCEU project, but Wiseau threw his hat into the ring as an alternative casting choice. Realistically, the odds of Wiseau actually getting the chance to play The Joker seem pretty slim (especially when we consider the caliber of the actors who have been suggested as realistic contenders for the role), but it is definitely interesting to think of the man behind The Room donning the white makeup.

Only time will tell if Tommy Wiseau will ever get a chance to play a comic book character, but for now, you can check out James Franco's portrayal of Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, which is now available on Digital HD and will hit shelves on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13. As for the rest of this year's biggest movies, you can check out our movie premiere guide to see what else the silver screen world has in store.

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