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Black Panther arriving home in Wakanda

The response to Black Panther has been huge, to say the least. The movie outgrossed the entire domestic run of some MCU films after just a short amount of time in theaters, and that's not to mention the glowing responses from fans and critics. Black Panther is THE movie right now, and it's clearly made a cultural impact. It's been a wild ride for Chadwick Boseman, the face of the movie, who has seen the huge reaction to the film. While Boseman hesitates to make the comparison, the global fame of Black Panther is somewhat like how people treated The Beatles.

I did see the response to it. It's musical. It's not what you usually see from a movie or play, it's what you usually see when it's a rock star.

With $435.4 million domestically in the bank, it's pretty fair to say that people really like Black Panther, but it isn't quite as simple as that. A movie doesn't make over $200 million opening weekend for nothing, and it's clear that a particular nerve has been struck. Both celebrities and regular moviegoers are going out of their way to make sure everyone gets to see this blockbuster, like buying out a theater for a group of kids. People don't do that for a regular movie, and it's almost like the movie is getting the rock star experience in the vein of The Beatles.

While during an interview for the Today Show, Chadwick Boseman talked about the reaction to Black Panther, and what it feels like to be a part of the movie. Boseman was hesitant to make the comparison, but he felt it was almost like being one of The Beatles. The global reaction to The Beatles, arguably the most famous rock group ever, was intense. And while it's probably a bit too early to go around saying T'Challa is the Paul McCartney of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's not a totally off-base comparison when compared to the typical reception for MCU installments.

Only time will tell what the legacy of Black Panther will be, but it feels safe to say that it will be an extremely healthy one. The movie is poised to take the No. 1 spot for the third weekend in a row -- unless Red Sparrow or Death Wish (truly the polar opposite of Black Panther) can pull a sudden Hail Mary.

Black Panther is in theaters right now, so check it out if you want to know who's the Ringo of the movie. Believe it or not, even more Marvel movies are on the way, (quite a few, in fact) and you can find all the ones we know about with our Marvel movies release guide. For more movie updates, keep it right here at CinemaBlend.

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