Guillermo del Toro's big wins for Best Director and Best Picture at the Oscars has a lot of people thinking about what the now-award-winning director will do next. And a popular sentiment seems to point back to one, daunting project that del Toro had tried to set up with Universal. No, it's not Hellboy III, it's the adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness, which almost got off the ground with Tom Cruise as a lead, but was shut down quickly because of a big price tag and an R-rating required to make Lovecraft's hellish vision a reality.

But when you win Best Director and Best Picture with a movie that also had an R-rating, and was well received by critics and audiences, you've kind of earned yourself some clout to do whatever the hell you want on your next picture. With that in mind, here are the biggest reasons that At The Mountains of Madness should be Guillermo del Toro's next project.

Successful R-rated Tentpoles Are A Reality

When At The Mountains of Madness was originally proposed, a high-priced / R-rated film was seen as a surefire sign of disaster. When discussing the film's failure to launch with Collider a couple years back, Guillermo del Toro explained the big sticking point Universal lead with in their decision to cancel the film:

We thought we had a very good, safe package. It was $150 [million], Tom Cruise and James Cameron producing, ILM doing the effects, here's the art, this is the concept, because I really think big-scale horror would be great ... but there was a difference of opinion; the studio didn't think so. The R [rating] was what made it. If Mountains had been PG-13, or I had said PG-13 ... I'm too much of a Boy Scout, I should have lied, but I didn't.

So instead of At The Mountains of Madness, we got Pacific Rim from del Toro's bright and bold imagination. But now that films like Deadpool, Get Out, and IT have all made huge stacks of money in their own time, there's more of a case that can be made for a non PG-13 At The Mountains of Madness making a huge splash at the box office. Quite frankly, the lesson of those success stories above is that if the project has the right ingredients and/or marketing push behind it, even if it's rated R, it can be successful.

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