Currently 20th Century Fox is having no problems with expanding its lineup of X-Men movies, as along with the next main entry, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, arriving in November, spinoff projects like Deadpool 2, The New Mutants, Gambit, X-Force and more are either on the way or in development. However, these aren't the only Marvel properties that Fox has at its disposal, and supposedly the studio is looking to take advantage of the Silver Surfer.

It was reported last week that along with the Doctor Doom-centered movie from Legion showrunner Noah Hawley, Fox is developing a Silver Surfer movie. The character has been one of Marvel's important superheroes for over five decades, and while he's already been adapted for the big screen once, he is certainly deserving of shining in his own cinematic adventure. It will probably be many years before a Silver Surfer movie gets off the ground, but regardless, here are the reasons why this particular project is a good idea.

The Character Deserves Another Shot On Screen

Silver Surfer debuted in the Marvel comics universe when he came to Earth on Galactus' behalf, and that scenario was replicated for 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, with Doug Jones physically portraying the character and Laurence Fishburne voicing him. Like its predecessor, Rise of the Silver Surfer wasn't particularly well received, but the Surfer himself was handled decently (if not entirely faithfully). Nevertheless, Silver Surfer deserves a second chance to shine on the silver screen; one where his power set can be properly realized and he doesn't have to share the proverbial stage with Marvel's First Family.

That's not to say that it wouldn't be cool to see this new Silver Surfer cross paths with a different iteration of the Fantastic Four, but he's also an interesting enough character that he doesn't require other superheroes to support him. Imagine how much more invested we would be in him coming to Earth after having at least one movie where he was fleshed out. Which brings us to our next section...

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