Watch Conan O'Brien Try To Convince Dwayne Johnson He'd Be A Good Stunt Double

When one has someone as affable as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on your late night show, one should always strive to do something zany with the actor. This week, Conan O'Brien didn't disappoint. The late night host brought Dwayne Johnson in as part of his promotion for the upcoming movie Rampage, and during a viral segment, Conan also tried to convince The Rock he'd be the perfect stunt double. Check it out, below.

Conan O'Brien spent the first few minutes of this delightful Conan sketch blithely telling The Rock that when he looks at the action star, he feels as if he is looking in the mirror. When The Rock tried to object, noting the two really don't have the same physique, Conan told him to stop trailing off, mentioning he's like "an awkward Alexa." (This cracked Johnson up far more than expected.) Later, O'Brien admitted that he'd really like to train to be Dwayne Johnson's stunt double... since they look so alike, after all.

Dwayne Johnson may have been questioning Conan O'Brien's ability to pull off being his stunt double, but Conan seemed to be certainly willing to go all out for the role, donning the same attire and even an ill-fitting bald cap.

conan the rock stunt double

The whole thing is farcical, but if you like the idea of watching "stunt double" Conan O'Brien get thrown across a stainless steel table covered in glass objects, you should get a kick out of this one. In real life, Dwayne Johnson's stunt double is none other than his cousin Tanoai Reed, who has been doing stunts for the actor on the big screen for well over a decade. If you've never checked into Reed, he looks a lot like his more famous cousin. No matter how much O'Brien tries, he has a better chance of passing himself off as Finnish politician Tarja Halonen than anyone else...

If you are a fan of Dwayne Johnson kicking ass -- especially when there's a giant ape and flying wolf involved, you can catch Rampage when it hits theaters on April 13 or check out the trailer for the upcoming flick. The new movie is one of quite a few the actor has in the works, and will be loosely based on a video game series. In addition, for the long and exhaustive list of the many projects Johnson has in the works right now, take a look at our full guide.

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