Warning: SPOILERS for both A Quiet Place and Ready Player One are both in play. If you still haven't seen one or both of these films, and want to remain unspoiled, bookmark this piece and come back once you're current.

If you look at the box office landscape of the past couple of weeks, there are two Steven Spielberg-inspired films on the market at this moment. One is the naturally Spielbergian Ready Player One, a film based on material that was not only inspired by the director's filmography, but also directed by the man himself. The other is a more surprising pick, as John Krasinski's co-written/directed A Quiet Place drew a lot of cues from the legendary director's work. And believe it or not, the latter film is the better of the two Spielberg-like movies. Right now, you're probably shaking your head, questioning everything I've just said to you. But fear not, as the case can be made, and it is about to be laid out in detail. We'll issue one last spoiler warning for both Ready Player One and A Quiet Place, as both will be discussed at length. With that in mind, let's begin to tear into what makes a Spielberg flick tick.

What Makes A Spielberg Movie

So the basic DNA of a Steven Spielberg movie varies depending on the type of Spielberg you're looking for. You can go for a historical film, like Saving Private Ryan; an experimental film, like A.I.: Artificial Intelligence; or a blockbuster thrill ride, like Jaws and Jurassic Park. But at the center of all three sub-genres is the usual, effective bag of tricks: identifiable characters, a plot that goes from emotionally introspective to tense at the drop of a hat, and the ability to make us believe the impossible is possible - no matter how farfetched. With all three of those aspects in play, you make a fantastic Spielberg movie, no matter what the subject matter is.

Saving one man through the craziness of World War II, believing a robot could be a real boy, and fearing dinosaurs and sharks on a regular basis have all been made possible through his hand. All three of those examples are a testament to what has kept Steven Spielberg simultaneously in the history books and the popular conversation. The groundwork is now properly laid for us to take a look at how A Quiet Place and Ready Player One both measure up to that standard.

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