Warning: massive spoilers ahead for A Quiet Place! Read ahead at your own risk!

Audiences have spoken, and it looks like John Krasinski's A Quiet Place has become a big winner over the course of its opening weekend. The film has already earned a massive sum of money relative to its lean budget, and critics (including us here at CinemaBlend) have showered it with near-universal acclaim. With all of that positive energy backing the film's run, it has led many to raise the question of a potential sequel.

With that said, I'm here today to tell you that a sequel to A Quiet Place is a bad idea. Even in the face of the film's incredible box office performance, there are plenty of valid story reasons to keep A Quiet Place self-contained. On that note, let's dive in and discuss why we don't need to see anything more from these characters.

Every Character Arc In A Quiet Place Pays Off

One of the most fundamental elements of a sequel is the fact that it allows the filmmakers to go back and address plot threads left hanging from the original. It's a benefit to plenty of movies (particularly movies in the horror genre), but A Quiet Place's characters don't need any more fleshing out. Each arc planted at the beginning of the film has particular relevance to the overarching story, and it all pays off by the time the credits roll. Whether it's the daughter realizing how much her father truly loved her (even if he never said it), or the son learning to be brave in the face of an alien attack, everyone has a moment to show their growth over the course of A Quiet Place's lean runtime. A sequel could move on to new entirely new characters, but there's no need to return to this family and check in on them.

A Quiet Place Earns Its Ending

Building off of that first idea, it's also worth acknowledging the fact that A Quiet Place earns its gut punch ending -- which sees the father (John Krasinski) sacrifice himself to save his children from an attack by one of the creatures. Over the course of A Quiet Place's lean 90-minute runtime, we watch as our heroes are put through the physical and emotional wringer, and the death of the father is the profound emotional catharsis that rounds out the entire journey. If A Quiet Place didn't build to such a perfect and downright satisfying (albeit sad) climax, then there would be a valid argument to be made that the film warrants other adventures in this universe. However, as it currently stands, A Quiet Place tells a near-perfect three-act story with a beginning, middle, and end. It's rare to find a movie nail that balance so well, and a sequel could only throw off the pacing of the story.

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