Yoda Is Rumored To Appear Again In Star Wars Episode IX

Yoda Star Wars The Last Jedi

Last year, fans were surprised by Yoda in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, who appeared in the film in a secret cameo. The wise Jedi master had some final words of wisdom to give his old apprentice Luke Skywalker before vanishing back to...wherever it is that Force ghosts hang out. Yoda is a fan-favorite character, so fans were delighted to see him again and it could be that Yoda has at least one more cameo in him before this new trilogy wraps. Reportedly, Yoda will appear in Star Wars Episode IX and will have a scene with Rey.

Fans should get out their bags of salt because this is in no way confirmed, but NY Daily News is reporting that Yoda will appear in Star Wars Episode IX. According to "a source," the Yoda scene from The Last Jedi went over so well that they are bringing the character back to have a scene with Daisy Ridley's Rey. In the scene, Yoda will reportedly acknowledge Rey's success and growth as a Jedi. Allegedly, the scenes are being put together later this year, but that could be said for the rest of the movie as well.

While I don't think anyone would complain about seeing Yoda again or him interacting with new characters like Rey or Finn, treat this rumor as, well, a rumor. I don't doubt that fans will see Yoda again someday on the big screen, but it's tough to use a mentor figure who none of the current main characters have ever met or possibly even heard of. If Yoda were to have a scene with Rey, it would not have the same impact as Yoda's scene with Luke because those two characters have an established history. I'm not sure that Rey even knows that Force ghosts are a thing, so imagine her confusion at the sudden appearance of a little old elf ghost.

If Rey were to meet a Force ghost, one would think that Luke Skywalker would be the top candidate. The two of them spent the bulk of The Last Jedi together and their rough relationship was a key part of the movie. If anyone would have any impact on Rey to offer some advice, it would be Luke. This actually highlights an interesting challenge for Episode IX. Most of the main characters from the original trilogy aren't in the movie. Han Solo and Luke are dead and while we don't know what Leia's fate will be, we know she isn't in the movie. That makes it difficult to bring back old characters because there's no connection to any of the new ones.

Will Yoda be in Episode IX? We'll know for sure when the movie arrives in theaters on December 20, 2019.

Matt Wood

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