Stephen King’s Pet Sematary Remake May Have Found Its First Star

Jason Clarke

Sometimes dead is better, but Hollywood must rest on an ancient burial ground, because nothing ever truly stays dead for long. The latest property to rise from its grave like a demonic child is Stephen King's Pet Sematary. The remake of the 1989 film finally gained some traction last October when Starry Eyes helmers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer were brought aboard to direct. Now it appears as if this movie will indeed be happening, as casting has begun and Terminator Genisys' Jason Clarke is in talks to play Doctor Louis Creed, the character portrayed by Dale Midkiff in the original film.

For those unfamiliar with Stephen King's 1983 novel or the 1989 film adaptation, Pet Sematary tells the story of a doctor who moves his family to the country. Nearby is a pet cemetery that rests on a Native American burial ground, which is probably something you should look for ahead of time, like checking out the schools in the area. When the doctor's son dies in a tragic accident, he takes the boy's body to the cemetery where, surprise, it comes back to life in murderous demonic form. Jason Clarke's potential casting, as broke by The Hollywood Reporter, indicates that Paramount is taking this remake seriously. Jason Clarke is a talented actor who is currently receiving critical acclaim for his performance in Chappaquiddick. He is a great choice to bring the heartbreak and desperation to the character of Louis Creed, who in his grief makes the dumbest of decisions.

A remake of Pet Sematary has been in development hell for the better part of a decade, with everyone from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to Alexandre Aja eyed to direct. It seemed that this property was destined to remain dead forever, but it is unsurprising that it is finally happening now. The original Pet Sematary is not considered to be one of the especially popular Stephen King adaptations, but it has its fans and the novel is thought to be one of the author's scariest works. It is also an '80s property, and nostalgia for that decade is popular right now.

Just last year featured two Stephen King theatrical adaptations, the disappointing The Dark Tower and the massive horror hit, IT. Paramount is clearly aiming to duplicate the success of the latter, which is ironic considering the producers of IT were interested in adapting Pet Sematary themselves. There's arguably no better time for a Stephen King adaptation than right now. Horror is having a moment in the past few years with, quality films in the genre being rewarded both critically and commercially. There are plenty of current examples of what taking the genre seriously can do at the box office and come awards season when you do. If Paramount is taking Pet Sematary seriously, and the likely casting of Jason Clarke indicates it is, then there is potential for another great Stephen King film.

Pet Sematary is hardly the only Stephen King adaptation in the works at the moment. IT: Chapter 2 is heating up with some killer casting, and there are plenty of other Stephen King adaptations at various stages of development. Check them out in our Upcoming Stephen King Movies guide. For all the latest movie news and where not to bury people, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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