Jordan Peele's Reaction To Winning An Oscar Is So Relatable

Jordan Peele directing Get Out

After years of acting, particularly in the comedy realm, Jordan Peele took his career in a new direction when he wrote and directed last year's Get Out. As I'm sure most of you already reading are aware, the horror movie was one of the most critically lauded movie from last year, and that ultimately led to plenty of attention at the 90th Academy Awards. Well sure enough, Peele himself walked away with the Best Original Screenplay Oscar, and his reaction online afterwards is extremely relatable.

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While Jordan Peele has won plenty of awards, including a Peabody in 2013 for his work on Key & Peele, this is his first Oscar, and it was for his his directorial debut! So yeah, we don't blame him for reacting this way on his Twitter page not long after winning one of those little golden trophies. I know if I won an Oscar for my first theatrical script, I would say something similar. During his acceptance speech, Peele acknowledged how much trouble he had cracking Get Out, but he eventually made it across the finish line, and it's a good thing he did. Because along with the world getting to see his vision on the big screen, now Peele has an Oscar he can proudly display in his home.

To say that Get Out was a cinematic success would be an understatement. Besides earning numerous positive reviews, it made $255 million worldwide off a $4.5 million budget, making it 2017's most profitable movie. Among the many accolades it's collected since it was released on February 24, 2017 (on top of the four Academy Award nominations) include two Golden Globe nominations, as well as winning two NAACP Image Awards and two Independent Spirit Awards. Get Out briefly returned to theaters last month for screenings that were free to the public, no doubt to squeeze in a little extra Oscars promotion before the big ceremony.

Jordan Peele said earlier this year that he's now retired from acting (and The Emoji Movie played a big part in that decision), but considering how well Get Out did, it's clear that he has a bright future ahead of him behind the camera. Peele hasn't announced what his next movie will be, though for now, he's staying away from big budget productions. Whatever Peele tackle next, if it's anywhere near as popular as Get Out (and has poignant social commentary ), then it's a good bet that he'll be getting recognition during the following awards season.

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