May used to be the traditional start of the summer movie season, but when you've got a movie like Avengers: Infinity War jumping that particular gun in style, things tend to go a bit faster than expected. But don't think May is a dud of a month just because Marvel made an early play, as there's still some hotly anticipated fun, mixed in with a couple of surprises. Oh, and we hear there's a Star Wars movie in there, too! People love those. Here now are the big movies heading to the big screen in May, so mark your calendars accordingly.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Alden Ehrenreich Han and Chewie taking off

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars. Something with Star Wars. You're gonna get Star Wars in the lovely month of May. Yes, Solo: A Star Wars Story is holding down the traditional slot the franchise used to occupy, with a late month release date set for the prequel adventures of everyone's favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder. While the film has had some widely reported production woes, the final product in the trailers seems to be well put together. Not to mention, Donald Glover's Lando looks like he'll make everything just a little bit better.

Release Date: May 25th

Bad Samaritan David Tennant looking evil through the bars

Bad Samaritan

There's just something about David Tennant playing a villain that excites people. Even though the man is most famous for his incarnation of The Doctor on Doctor Who, his role as the infamous Killgrave on Netflix's Jessica Jones has taken over his career at the moment. Which is probably why he was cast as the villain in Bad Samaritan, a film in which he has to square off with a thief that meant to rob him blind, only to get caught up in something much deadlier than expected. We might have a problem rooting for the "good guy" in this one, simply because Tennant really is that captivating a villain.

Release Date: May 4th

Overboard Anna Faris Eugenio Derbez Kate pinches Leonardo's nose


While we're not going to go out and say that Anna Faris is the Goldie Hawn of our generation, it's kind of hard to argue against that statement when you look at her work. It's even harder to rebut such a case when she's gone and booked herself in a remake of one of Ms. Hawn's all time classics, Overboard. This time though, the tables are turned, as Faris's character, Kate, is the lower class schemer who takes Eugenio Derbez's Leonardo for a ride, after he suffers a slight case of amnesia. So if things go right with this film, there's a chance we might just see that Private Benjamin remake after all, possibly with Anna Faris recast as the lead.

Release Date: May 4th

Tully Mackenzie Davis Charlize Theron Tully watches Marlo nursing


Whenever Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman team up, people start to talk about whatever their latest effort may be. In the case of Tully, the pair are tackling motherhood in 2018, as Charlize Theron's Marlo is in desperate need of some help with her growing family. Enter the titular character, played by Mackenzie Davis, who is armed and ready to help Marlo rediscover herself, and be able to care for her family, at the same time. If you're a fan of the Cody / Reitman machine, then you're obviously ready to make your way to this one on opening night.

Release Date: May 4th

Breaking In Gabrielle Union Shaun holding a threatening lighter

Breaking In

The "random badass" movie has become a cottage industry, with Gabrielle Union being the latest person to join its ranks in Breaking In. As Union's Shaun Russell finds herself locked out of the house she and her family are looking after, with a group of robbers holding said children hostage as leverage, she's obviously going to have to resort to a particular set of skills to save the day. Early summer thrives on action-thrillers like this one, so there's a chance that Breaking In could bust into the successful run of Avengers: Infinity War at the right time.

Release Date: May 11th

Life of the Party Melissa McCarthy Deanna shows school spirit on the quad

Life of the Party

It's been a while since we've seen Melissa McCarthy on the silver screen, and 2018 is going to more than make up for that absence! Starting with Life of the Party, McCarthy will be in three separate movies this year, with the first telling the story of a recently divorced woman going back to college. Of course, it wouldn't be nearly as funny if it wasn't the same college as her daughter, which is exactly how things shake out, so on top of learning more about herself, McCarthy's Deanna will probably learn more about her child than she ever wanted to.

Release Date: May 11th

Book Club Diane Keaton Candice Bergen Jane Fonda Mary Steenburgen chatting at the kitchen island

Book Club

Every summer movie season has its fair share of big budget blockbusters to cater to a wide variety of moviegoers, but it also has some niche counterprogramming efforts that help balance things out at the movies. Much like Life of the Party, Book Club is a movie that is banking more on relatable humor for those who may not be drawn to another Deadpool movie. However, when you've got a cast like Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, and Diane Keaton holding court, and the plot involves their reactions to Fifty Shades of Grey as a book club pick, there is a potential for laughs across the board. So don't write this one off just yet.

Release Date: May 18th

Deadpool 2 Zazie Beetz Ryan Reynolds Josh Brolin Domino Deadpool and Cable clowning around

Deadpool 2

Speak of the devil, we've got the return of Deadpool coming to theaters with Deadpool 2! Originally set for the beginning of June, Ryan Reynolds' merc with a mouth found himself bumped up a couple of weeks closer to Josh Brolin's other superhero movie. With Brolin playing Cable in Deadpool 2, he'll fight Wade Wilson and his newly assembled X-Force, over the fate of an extremely powerful young mutant. Though something tells us this first meeting with Cable will be less sympathetic than when we met up with Thanos this summer, but that doesn't mean he'll be any less threatening. His bullets are so fast.

Release Date: May 18th

Show Dogs Natasha Lyonne Will Arnett grooming a police dog

Show Dogs

Ok. On the surface, Show Dogs looks like a movie you'd see advertised on a wry NBC sitcom, complete with Will Arnett cast in the lead. All things considered, there's two big purposes the film will serve at the box office, given the time of its release: it's a movie your kids can see with a trusted babysitter / family member while you go see Deadpool 2, and it gives you a chance to see Arnett deadpan his way through a movie with talking dogs. Summer truly has something for everyone, and this film is no exception.

Release Date: May 18th

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