The Fun Way Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Probably Pushing Out Tickets

Solo: A Star Wars Story

It's hard to gauge just how enthusiastic Star Wars fans are for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The production of the film has been a little nuts, but it looks like Lucasfilm may have found the best way to get people back in a Star Wars state of mind. It appears that tickets will be going on sale for the new movie very soon, specifically, on the day that gets everybody a little extra excited for Star Wars, May the 4th.

A handful of theaters have revealed on social media that ticket pre-sales for Solo: A Star Wars Story will be open this Friday, May 4th, and since these sorts of things are usually organized nationally be studios, it's a safe bet that all theaters will begin to see tickets to the newest Star Wars movie on Friday. It's the perfect date, of course, since May the Fourth has become a sort of unofficial Star Wars holiday, due to its phonetic similarity to the phrase "May the Force be with you." While Lucasfilm doesn't always use the date to do anything particularly special with Star Wars, it looks like this year they will be.

Beyond simply being a cute way to promote the pre-sale starting, using May the Fourth has some real potential to get Star Wars fans excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie's production has been interesting, to say the least, and that has caused many to be a bit more apprehensive about the Han Solo origin story than they might otherwise have been. Still, Star Wars fans are Star Wars fans and since they'll already be in a Star Wars mindset come May the Fourth, they might be more willing to bite the bullet and pick up a pair of tickets for opening night as they spend a day remembering everything they love about the franchise.

One also wonders if this decision might have been part of the calculus that led to Avengers: Infinity War opening a week earlier than previously scheduled. The movie was going to open in North America on May 4 before making the jump to April 27. Considering the opening weekend that the movie just had, it's a safe bet that few people would be worried about picking up tickets to Solo while they were at the theater watching Infinity War. Disney has always done a pretty good job of balancing its franchises.

With just over three weeks to go until release, and apparently just a couple days before tickets go on sale, we're getting very close to the next big Star Wars experience. Are you looking forward to picking up tickets to Solo: A Star Wars Story as soon as possible? Let us know in the poll below.

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