More Information About Valkyrie Was Revealed Thanks To Joe Russo

valkyrie in avengers: infinity war

Yup, we're about to get into some spoiler talk for Avengers: Infinity War, as well as potential future MCU movies. You have been warned.

It's been a few days since Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters, and now that the premieres and press tours have died down, Joe Russo is talking to students about Marvel's big event film. During a recent trip to the University of Iowa, he did talk Infinity War spoilers, and students are reporting the director said that Valkyrie and some of the other Asgardians were able to escape Thanos' wrath via escape pods.

Although, there aren't quotes explaining exactly what happened to Tessa Thompson's fan-favorite character, people who attended the University of Iowa event with the Marvel director revealed a few snippets of the conversation, including Valkyrie's fate, and the fact that Tom Holland apparently improv'd that big scene with Tony Stark after Thanos uses the stones to kill off half of all life in the universe. You can see more, below.

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Marvel often signs up actors and actresses for more than one movie, and since Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie only showed up in Thor: Raganarok so far, many of us expected to see the character return in Avengers: Infinity War, especially after Thanos showed up at the end of the Taika Waititi directed flick. However, while Infinity War does pick up up right after the events at the end of Thor: Ragnarok and we get to see what happens to Thor, Loki and Heimdall, there's no mention of either Korg or Valkyrie. Those characters are very notable at this point, considering how well-liked Thor: Ragnarok was with fans and critics alike. If either Valkyrie and Korg had died on the ship, I'd hope the movie would have at least honored those characters with a moment to shine, as happened with Heimdall and Loki. Since that didn't happen, logic would dictate the two characters are still alive and kicking somewhere.

Although the director didn't explain what happened to Korg, it doesn't hurt that Joe Russo at least confirmed what many of us were already thinking in terms of Valkyrie. And it's interesting that he also brought up escape pods, as it explains exactly how some of the Asgardian survivors ended up getting off of the ship.

It also doesn't detract from Tessa Thompson's own theory. The actress recently took to social media to explain that if Valkyrie got off that ship, she's definitely drunk on some planet somewhere.

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A fourth Thor movie has not been confirmed -- although Taika Waititi has ideas -- and Chris Hemsworth is reaching the end of his contract with Marvel. Still, since we now know Valkyrie survived, even if there's no additional Thor movie, I'm sure there will be opportunities to bring her back into the MCU at some point, and maybe even in Avengers 4. We'll keep you updated if and when details regarding the still untitled movie eventually make their way into the realm of pop culture. For now, see Avengers: Infinity War again in theaters, and take a look at what we know about Avengers 4 here.

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