Taika Waititi Pitched Us An Amazing Opening For Thor 4

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok

Warning: SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok are ahead!

Marvel has concluded yet another trilogy thanks to Thor: Ragnarok. Like Iron Man and Captain America, the God of Thunder has now starred in three movies on top of his contributions to other Marvel Cinematic Universe installments, and it's safe to say that Ragnarok has been the biggest success of the bunch. While Thor still has a few more appearances lined up, Marvel hasn't indicated that Thor 4 in the works. However, if such a project were to happen, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi already has a cool idea on how it could open. Those who've seen Thor: Ragnarok know that it featured Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill, and when CinemaBlend's own Eric Eisenberg asked if there was any effort made to get the two Jurassic Park actors back together, Waititi responded:

I would have loved that. I don't think they were around at the same time. That would have been amazing just to somehow make that work. It would be awesome if we somehow got Laura Dern in there, as well... Thor 4, exactly. All of them go back and do the play again. It's a new play about Asgard's destruction. That might be a great way to start that film.

The MCU has primarily depicted Asgard as a place that's home to some of the fiercest warriors in the Nine Realms, but we learned in Thor: Ragnarok that it also has a thriving theater scene. When Thor came back to Asgard after his encounter with Surtur, he caught the tail-end of a production depicting Loki's "heroic" death (obviously creative liberties were taken). Oh sure, that play probably wouldn't have won any Asgardian Tonys, but if Taika Waititi had his way, he would have the hypothetical Thor 4 open with a follow-up play about how Surtur laid waste to Asgard starring Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and Laura Dern so that the Jurassic Park trifecta would be complete. Maybe that would earn better reviews among the Asgardian populace, but at the very least, it would be an effective way to catch moviegoers up on how the previous Thor movie ended.

While the prospect of Laura Dern joining the MCU, let alone reuniting with Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill, sounds appealing, the actress has been keeping busy with another franchise under the Disney banner. She'll debut next month as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it's entirely possible that her character will still be around for 2019's Episode IX. The chances of Sam Neill returning to the MCU might also be slim, since he just cameoed in Thor: Ragnarok as the Asgardian who played Odin. As for Jeff Goldblum, while his next MCU appearance hasn't been announced yet, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has expressed interest in pairing Grandmaster with Benicio del Toro's Collector, because just like in the comics, the cinematic versions of those characters are brothers.

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