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Deadpool 2

The original Deadpool became one of the highest grossing R-rated movies ever made. It's looking like the sequel might be able to do even better. Deadpool 2 is opening in most foreign markets on the same day that it opens in North America, which means it's looking at an absolutely massive opening weekend. Domestic projections for the film have increased from $100 million to somewhere north of $130 million, and with foreign numbers expected to be between $175-$200 million, Deadpool 2 could make as much as $350 million worldwide when it opens, which is nearly half what the first movie made in its entire run, meaning the new movie could very easily surpass the box office total of the original.

If reviews are anything to go by, then it's not too surprising that Deadpool 2 might surpass the box office success of the original, many critics think the sequel is a better movie. If audiences agree then we could very easily see the new movie set records, although, in many cases, the movie that will have to overcome in order to set those records is its own predecessor. Deadpool brought in a global total of $783 million, with just over $400 million of that coming from overseas. Global numbers are becoming more and more important to the overall box office, and all indications are they will be very good for the new film.

Deadpool became a massive hit which was remarkable for a movie that came out in February and was also rated-R. Of course, Deadpool would go on to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie in the world, and the second highest grossing R-rated film in North America, behind only The Passion of the Christ. Could Deadpool finally overtake Jesus with the sequel? It seems quite possible. The original was only $17 million short of that record. Deadpool set an R-rated domestic opening weekend record when it opened to $132 million. Now, Deadline is reporting that $130 million is the low end of what Deadpool 2 is expected to do in North America, with the high end being as much as $150 million. That difference right there could be enough for Deadpool 2 to become the R-champion of the world.

Helping Deadpool 2 will be a more or less complete lack of competition. The new comedies Book Club and Show Dogs are specifically designed to appeal to the sort of moviegoer that really doesn't care about the Merc with a Mouth. Avengers: Infinity War opening a week earlier than previously scheduled has given moviegoers an extra weekend to see the massive superhero movie. While the film is likely to still add to its own record-setting total, most of the fans who are the sort to check out Deadpool 2 opening weekend have likely already seen Infinity War. Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on Friday.