Henry Cavill’s Mustache Isn’t The Only Thing The DCEU And Mission: Impossible Have In Common

I'm not a historian, but if ever there was a more famous saga involving facial hair than that of Henry Cavill's mustache, I'm not aware of it. Mustachegate will be forever tied to the intertwined histories of the DCEU and Mission: Impossible-Fallout, not as a footnote, but as a chapter. That chapter will soon be over though as Justice League is behind us and Fallout is arriving this summer. Henry Cavill has already shaved, and mourned, his mustache, but the links between the two franchises are not so easily broken. A new commonality between the DCEU and Mission: Impossible-Fallout has been discovered. This one is much less hairy and decidedly more musical as the two trailers share the same music. Take a listen:

It's easy to forget these years later what a good job the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did at getting you hyped to see that event movie, even if this one did give away a bit much. That music really sells the epicness of this clash and the mythic tone that Zack Snyder was going for with this movie. The music is so good in fact, so cinematic, that Mission: Impossible-Fallout saw fit to crib from it for its latest trailer, as you can hear below.

First, Fallout makes sure that Henry Cavill's mustache remains firmly on his face, thus robbing Superman of a human-looking upper lip for a good portion of Justice League, and now the Paramount movie is copying BvS's music choices. When will the indignities end? Seriously though, much like casting Henry Cavill, it is easy to see why both franchises would want to use this piece of music in their trailers. In the Fallout trailer, the music really escalates along with the stakes and sells the excitement of what appears to be one of this summer's most action-packed movies.

The song is called Person of Interest from the Immediate Music production company that specializes in trailer music. That music, from composer Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, is really a brilliant piece that really builds tension and swells and is paced in such a way that works well with the way trailers are cut together. This is the kind of song that, as long as the on-screen imagery and the story being told fit, can be used repeatedly in trailers and still conveys the intended gravitas. Both trailers use it because it is effective. It really sold Batman v Superman and does a good job following up the incredible first trailer for Mission: Impossible-Fallout with this second killer one.

You can finally see the Mustache that launched a thousand memes in all its cinematic glory in Mission: Impossible-Fallout, in theaters on July 27. Check out our release schedule to see everything else hitting theaters this year, and for all the latest on mustaches and how music brings us all together, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Nick Evans

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