Josh Brolin Talks About Working With X-Force Director Drew Goddard

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Josh Brolin's Cable got a fantastic introduction into the X-Men universe with Deadpool 2, but soon we will see him be part of a much different blockbuster. X-Force is now gearing up with Brolin set to play a central role, and writer/director Drew Goddard is getting ready to take the helm. It turns out that last part is something that the Oscar-nominated actor is very excited about, as I learned from my interview with him last week:

[Drew Goddard]'s kind of at the beginning... he's doing his own film right now, so he's at the beginning of [X-Force], fairly close with Ryan [Reynolds] at this point. But I love talking with Drew Goddard so much. He's such a super intelligent guy; kind of an amazing guy. And I'm sure him delving into this is going to be special.

That's some effusive praise from a guy who's worked with filmmakers like the Coen brothers, Richard Donner, Paul Thomas Anderson and Spike Lee. I spoke with Josh Brolin during the New York press day for Deadpool 2, and while talking about the development of Cable eventually got to the subject of the future. He couldn't say much about what's going on with X-Force, but clearly he's very excited to work with Drew Goddard.

For those of you unfamiliar with Drew Goddard's filmography, he got his entry into the industry as a writer for both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel before starting to write and produce on Alias and Lost. He made his feature directorial debut with the phenomenal modern horror classic The Cabin In The Woods -- which was released in 2012 after a long delay -- but is only now helming his follow-up effort (Bad Times At The El Royale starring Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, Russell Crowe, Dakota Johnson, Nick Offerman, Jon Hamm, and more).

Goddard has kept busy with some amazing work since The Cabin In The Woods, including being a producer on the brilliant TV series The Good Place and earning an Academy Award nomination for writing The Martian, but it's also noteworthy he's had some bad luck with superhero properties. He was originally attached as the showrunner on Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil series when it was in early development, but left to develop the Sinister Six feature for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. That project then wound up going nowhere thanks to the disappointment that was Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the web-slinger made his way over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Needless to say, we have our fingers very tightly crossed that he'll find luck in the X-Men universe and will get X-Force made.

You can watch Josh Brolin talk about his conversations with Drew Goddard at the Deadpool 2 junket by clicking play on the video below -- and feel free to enjoy him totally shutting me down when I try and dig for a scoop.

Not much is known about X-Force to this point, but it has been confirmed that it will star Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Josh Brolin as Cable, and Zazie Beetz as Domino. You can get the full scoop on the film with our What We Know So Far Guide, and while you wait for the major team up movie you can catch Deadpool 2 in theaters now.

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