E.T.'s Henry Thomas Reveals When He Thinks The Movie Will Be Revamped

ET flying away

Pretty much everything under the sun is being rebooted over at Hollywood. If even a movie like Overboard is getting remade, then no stone is being left unturned for a potential idea. So, is it only a matter a time before someone gets the courage to begin rebooting a stone-cold classic like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? We might be a long way off from that, according to Henry Thomas, the child actor (but now an adult) who played Elliot in the classic. As far as Thomas knows, another E.T. probably won't come until everyone who was involved with the original is dead.

I don't think Steven Spielberg wants to touch it, and I know he won't let anyone else. You don't want to cheapen the original. As soon as we're all dead, I'm sure they'll revamp it.

Plenty of movies that are nostalgic but not untouchable have been given another chance on the big screen. For example, the Robocop reboot, or the announced Pet Sematary. But we haven't had too many movies that are true classics get the same treatment, perhaps because even movie executives know that some things just shouldn't be rebooted. On the list of movies that don't need a reboot, E.T. is almost certainly one of them. A true Steven Spielberg masterpiece, the movie is about as classic as it gets, but the passage of time might not be on its side for long.

During an interview with Closer Weekly, Henry Thomas, who played E.T.'s best friend Elliot, said that he doesn't think the classic will get made anytime soon. Steven Speilberg has apparently drawn his line in the sand and won't let his movie be touched by anyone (unless it's to replace guns with walkie-talkies). However, once everyone who was involved with the original is dead, it's fair game. We've got at least 50 years that happens, so enjoy the next few decades knowing that E.T. is safe, secure, and free of reboots.

While another E.T. currently isn't in the works, it wasn't that long ago that it was rumored that other Spielberg films like Back to the Future (which Spielberg produced) and Jaws were under consideration for reboots. People weren't too happy to hear that at the time, and I doubt the reaction to E.T. reboot news would be any more peaceful.

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