The casting process for IT Chapter Two has been a marathon, not a sprint. Slowly the adult counterparts of The Losers Club have been revealed to the eager public, everyone wondering if any of the A-list suggestions that have been flying furiously since IT debuted in theaters would be confirmed. As such, the results have been mostly surprises, with a couple of no-brainers locked in and some genius picks coming from the unknown. With all members locked in, we can now take a look at the main cast that will be taking the stage in IT Chapter Two.


Played By: Bill Skarsgard

Naturally, the reunion of the Losers Club isn't something that happens out of thin air. Rather, it's a reaction to events happening in Derry that strike a similar chord to something they've dealt with before. Basically, Pennywise comes back, to the shock and awe of exactly no one, and the crew needs to stop him. With his chilling turn in IT's stunning first chapter, Bill Skarsgard was definitely a must to bring back, and something that's just too damned good not to mention.

Bill Denbrough

Played In Chapter 1 By: Jaeden Lieberher
Played In Chapter 2 By: James McAvoy

The leader of the Losers Club, Bill Denbrough kept the team together as a teenager, even while harboring a crazy serious personal grudge against Pennywise. Decades later, Jaeden Lieberher's intrepid character will age into the face of well regarded star James McAvoy. Coming off of his work in Glass, as well as the forthcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, McAvoy's casting is not only a fantastic addition, but also a welcomed reunion with a fellow co-star...

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