Where Do You Stand On Going To The Movies Alone?

Lately we've been dropping some random poll stories into the mix. Apart from the people who comment "Slow News Day, Huh?" under them, most have seemed to enjoy weighing in with their own thoughts, and perhaps more importantly, these articles have helped to settle some long-running arguments between staff members here at CinemaBlend. We did one on whether Forrest Gump sucks or not. We did another on whether it's OK to talk during a movie trailer, and now we're going to talk about the most important question we've ever had to ask as a species: where do you stand on going to the movies by yourself?

There are some people out there who believe going to the movies by yourself is an embarrassing and uncomfortable fate worse than death. They believe movies, at their very core, are social activities, and they enjoy accompanying their viewing with some or all of the following actions: sharing popcorn, hand-holding, occasionally whispering "oh shit!" during a particularly intense moment, asking someone to catch them up after speedwalking back and forth from the bathroom, dropping hot takes in the parking lot on the way to the car and commenting on whether or not they will go see a particular trailer once the film in question is in theaters.

Of course there are plenty of other people out there who love going to the movies by themselves. They don't necessary see the theater as a social activity. They see it as a way to watch a movie, and the best way to watch a movie is to do it without interruptions. If you go to the movies by yourself, it's just you and the screen. There aren't any distractions or other people to worry about. You sit wherever you want. You don't have to answer any stupid questions. You just invest in whatever you're there to see. It's like you're watching Netflix except it's on a giant screen and you're not in bed.

And finally, there is the last group of people in the middle who aren't necessarily looking to go to the movies by themselves, but if they have a random three hours to kill, they're not against it. They're the type who would ask friends if they wanted to go see The Ugly Truth, but if everyone else was against it, they'd still suck it up and go by themselves because Katherine Heigl. They don't judge others who go solo, but it's not their ideal situation either.

So, which camp do you fall in? Vote in the poll below to give us your thoughts or sound off in the comment section with your own take...

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