Jeff Goldblum Explains His Favorite Movie Line Comes From Jurassic Park

Few actors can deliver a line quite like Jeff Goldblum. Over the years the star has made a name for himself for his unique delivery, and the endlessly quotable lines he has put on screen. Recently, the actor was asked which of his famous lines was his favorite. While you might be thinking of the memorable "Life finds a way" from Jurassic Park, which is being repurposed for the new Jurassic World sequel, the actor actually had another Jurassic Park moment in mind. According to Goldblum...

It's tough to choose but off the top of my head - I think it's my laugh in the helicopter scene in Jurassic Park.

If you're a Jurassic Park fan, then you know the laugh well, and it's probably now ringing in your head where it will remain for the rest of the day. Early in the film, all our main characters meet each other for the first time on the helicopter that will take them all to the park. Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm asks the character's being played by Laura Dern and Sam Neil, if they do, in fact, dig up dinosaurs. Neil's Dr. Grant responds with a quiet "try to" which causes Malcolm to laugh in a way that is utterly bizarre. He laughs longer and louder than the response really deserves, but it's also just an odd sounding laugh. It's like he's trying to laugh without letting go of the smirk on his face, leading to the sound just coming out in a strange way. If you're not familiar, give the laugh a listen here.

It's not clear if Jeff Goldblum is being entirely straight during the Reddit AMA where he revealed this or if he's having a bit of fun at his own expense. The laugh is one of those things that is so over the top that's it's difficult not to laugh at it. The various YouTube remixes and 10-hour long loops are a testament to that. The actor could be saying the laugh is his favorite line of those that the fans have found the most fun in. Alternatively, he could legitimately think it's his best on-screen delivery. Who knows? Maybe he spent weeks practicing different laughs in order to find just the right one for this moment. This is Jeff Goldblum we're talking about, how sure can we be that didn't happen?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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